Zorin connect SMS

I tried to find any posts that talk about sms sending failure with Zorin connect but I didn't find why sms sending fails in some case ...

I've tried different combinaison of harware and android version but none of them had worked. I've also pay attention to disable firewall and set the sms application with default Android "Messages" app.

Is there any know bug or limitation to sms sending with zorin connect ?

Hi. I have found another thread that discusses onnect not connecting which may help you: Zorin Connect ... not connecting!

@swarfendor437's unofficial Z15 Manual mentioned, can be downloaded here:Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 - #6 by swarfendor437

I don't have any problem paring my phone, but I can not send sms through kde connect message app despite having my firewall disabled.

Where can I find logs for kde connect sms app ?

It would appear that you have to use the terminal to send an SMS (appears not to have been sorted yet!), but you can reply to an SMS from the Desktop by hitting 'Reply' as in this article:

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