Zorin Connect will not launch

I open Software Manager. I click on Installed. I scroll down to Zorin Connect and click on it. The window opens. I click on Launch. Nothing happens. I click on Remove. A warning pop-up comes up. I click on Remove. Nothing happens. I have uninstalled Zorin Connect and reinstalled it in the Terminal. The same thing happens.
What can I do? Thanks!

Zorin Connect as shown in the Software Store is the process. It is not a GUI application that launches. It runs in the background.

As it runs install Zorin Connect on your phone and pair to the Zorin Connect on the Computer.

Zorin Connect on Zorin OS Core is a gnome-shell-extension. You manage whether it is running or not running from Settings > Extensions or by using Gnome Tweak tool and moving to the Extensions tab.

Have you allowed the application to run in GUFW? Alternatively, turn off the firewall and it will work, but you do so at your own risk.

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