Zorin connect (zorin lite16)

in zoirn lite i know that it doesn't contain zorin connect app, and i have read topics here in forum about that, there r answers talked about kde, i used it , it's very good, but not include mirroring my phone(screen my phone)in pc, is there ways to do that? in windows it's very easy, i have samsung phone, i use app(samsung flow) in windows and phone can do that

I use KDEConnect on Zorin OS Lite, which is (in use) is essentially the same as Zorin Connect.
Neither have the ability to mirror your phone screen on the computer screen.

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Thank u for informing me that, i didn't know that

There is something like scrcpy, let's you mirror your phone screen. Tried it long time ago with other OS's (before zorin) there is an updated version on github, perhaps you can try it and share your findings.


I'm installing it (sudo apt install scrcpy) to try it out, too...:stuck_out_tongue:


after installing , i can't launch it. i have clicked on run scrcpy on menu , but i can't launch

Let us know if anything goes wrong... :smiley:.

I do not see any scrcpy in the app menu...
But running it from terminal I get the error:
adb: error: failed to get feature set: no devices/emulators found ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1

Which I am currently in the process of trying to troubleshoot...:stuck_out_tongue:
(on the github page, scroll down to connection).

There's a lot to this...
I enabled Developer Options and then USB Debugging.

I got somewhere by changing from File Transfer to charging on the phone connection.
That cleared out the above error. But now am getting a slew of java errors...

Strange is when connecting my phone via usb-cable, my file manager (Dolphin) is able to see and I can use my phone-folders for file management. But when I use adb, the devices are not shown.

Yes, same. I had to use "Charging" instead of "File Transfer" to get the device to appear in adb devices.

Guess scrcpy will be a pain in the foot, trying to connect.

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It has been for me so far. I have tried all the suggestions, including installing android-udev-rules.
No luck so far. My interest was out of curiosity, though, not necessity.

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Same for me, when I tried is a few years ago. Just out of curiosity.
But I was able to install it with snap and got it connected over wifi.

I did a search and I found that:
1- there r a lot of apps in smartphone that can mirror or do screen casting to PC.(display your video on big screen,easy to do tutorial about android)
2-there r a lot of apps that work as remote desktop that can do everything(screen casting and file transfer, manage or remote control the mobile and the pc).
3-remote desktop apps to do it's job, they must be in the pc and mobile, so remmina can't do that job.
4-so i can use any-desk app or team-viewer for that function , i tried any-desk app, it do everything.

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I found also we can use remmina or any other remote desktop app to manage and remote android phone, just by install free VNC Server app on Android like that app(droidVNC-NG), it's good but there r some latency

Eid, tried your suggestions. Worked like a charm. I'm able to control my phone from the PC.

On phone I installed: the app droidVNC-NG (Server)
After the permissions it automatically provides the server and port which to connect to.

On Zorin I installed: remmina (to use as a client)
Used the serversettings provided by the droidVNC-NG app.

Was able to fully control my phone and make adjustments or handle a phone call. Great suggestions. Thank you for this one.

it's working good, but i prefer using any-desk app(install it on linux and on phone) because it's faster responding and when u try play video , it'll run better than that.

From Remmina I have the ability to set the resolutions from good to best, but I find good is perfect enough to run videos. Even youtube vids and connections run fine.
The only downside is that the audio is not provided through the Remmina application.

Do you have sound on Zorin when using the any-desk application?


I tried it with any-desk. As you mentioned is works smoother. It even works both ways, lets me screen my pc on the phone. Great application.

Sadly enough the sound does not work although my settings are all set.
The connection is shown in my zorin settings for sound.
Screenshot from 2022-02-11 23-41-13