Zorin Core 17 doesn't boot after installation

I had Zorin Core 16.3 on my old PC and it was working fine except the boot partition was too small. So I decide to install Zorin Core 17 hoping the boot partition will fix itself.
My PC is very old : Acer Aspire 7720G
Intel Core 2 Duo T8100
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
here is the report of the boot repair tool I try to use :
I think the problem is the very old BIOS ?

And maybe opting for ZFS encryption was not the right idea ? But I had the same problem when I first install Zorin without encryption.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

I know the devs have managed to get Zorin 17 Core running with less than 2 Gb but the fact that that is the Max number of Gb you have present might cause issues. Did you try it in live mode before installing? Might I suggest that you wait for Zorin Lite that is due out any time soon as it uses xfce, a much lighter DE than Gnome.

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I'm using the live mode right now, works fine and is pretty !

Here is the error message while trying to boot

That looks like the BIOS has skipped the Hard disk and is trying to boot from ethernet/network hence the cable reference. Check BIOS settings or run boot repair from a Live USB of 16.

Can you boot into the BIOS and disable netwwwork booting via PXE? Having done some research, some BIOS are hardwired not to be able to disable PXE at boot time.

I cannot disable the network boot. I'm supposed to be able to, but it doesn't want to change. I sent it at the back of the list to no avail.

I installed zorin 17 a 3rd time, LVM this time.
Same problem.
Here is the report of the Boot repair:
Also, as I'm currently using the live USB I saw this message

I'm downloading zorin 16 to use its boot repair as suggested.

Try to setup customized boot path it there might be any path related issues ,or try to boot live os(try this SystemRescue if you don't have zorin now ) and repair/reinstall grub

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Could it be that it is a BIOS Problem ... Did You looked if there is a BIOS Update for Your PC?

You could try another Thing: I read that you are using Core but You could try if You have the same Result when You using Lite.

Adding support to this suggestion. @Dixit, please check if there is a BIOS Firmware Update for your make and model with your manufacturer.

The laptop is 17 years old... There's definitely no support from Acer anymore.
I'm pretty sure I did it in the past.

The installation of zorin 16.3 lite is not working...
Running the live, the Boot repair doesn't fix anything.

Do You have TPM and/or Secure Boot enabled? If Yes disable it - if Your PC have that.

No secure boot on the BIOS

Okay, let's try a different Way. Could You install another Distro? Linux Mint for Example. Only to see if it is a Problem with Zorin direct or a more common Thing.

I try I don't how many Distro...
It's not possible to make a bootable USB while using a Live CD.
I had some GRUB error or the error message from the BIOS (1st picture).
I finally managed to install Mint Cinnamon. And again a BIOS error after rebooting...
The Boot repair from the Live was more forthcoming (see picture).
So I need to create a USB with the Boot repair tool that I downloaded.
But I can't change the "Compatibility Mode" of the BIOS ,it's not even a option.

FYI I've ordered a new computer ! After 17 years with the same personal laptop, I think the planet will agree I earned it!


I would say that this is no Problem, haha!

Nah. Must be at least another 10 years life in it yet, at least as a spare machine :slight_smile: