Zorin core lags after suspend and resume

I recently installed Zorin core 16.3 on my ASUS laptop.
After suspending my laptop, when I resume it, the system lags too much. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi card is not detected and if I shut down the system, it stops without complete the task, So in that case, I have to force the quit.
Is someone who can help me?

My specs are:
Processors: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11370H @ 3.30GHz × 8
Graphic card: NVIDIA Corporation / Mesa Intel® Xe Graphics (TGL GT2)

Welcome! :smile:

Your specs are scarily close to what I have - ZenBook 14 with screenpad, 11th gen i7, MX450 Nvidia, Mesa Xe :thinking:

Did you dual-boot by chance? I've got my ZenBook dual-booted with Win11; barely use Win at all now..

Also - what steps did you take to install? I had some rather weird stuff happen after getting Zorin installed: no sound was the biggest..

Do you have:

Secure Boot - disabled
(if dual-booted) Fast Startup in Win settings - disabled

And - which Nvidia drivers are you using? Shouldn't need it - but I had to also install OpenCL for my Intel GPU. You can see your CL status with sudo apt install clinfo then run with clinfo in terminal. There will be tons of text displayed - you're just looking for some ID's and if they register:

Screenshot from 2023-11-06 14-16-42

Something like that. If clinfo shows no information, you may be missing some support (OpenCL).

I completely installed Zorin on my pc, so I have not dual boot with windows11.
I disabled the secure boot. Speaking of secure boot, I noticed that if I enable the secure boot, My Nvidia Card was not detected. I think that all these problems are related to my Nvidia Card, but I don't know how to solve them because my nvidia card is correctly detected.
Do you have any similar problems?

Secure Boot is for Windows OS. It can generally be used alongside of GnuLinux as long as the necessary init packages are signed for Secure Boot. If the Nvidia Drivers are unsigned, then they cannot init at boot due to Secure Boot disallowing it.

If you are not dual booting with Windows, Secure Boot should be disabled.

Which Nvidia Card are you using?

I use an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 card.
Here is a picture of all the specs. As you can see, the graphic card is correctly detected.

What method are you using to Suspend? Did you set up Swap on a separate Partition?

Oh you've got a much better Nvidia chip than me! :grin:

No problems - except for first install.. I've learned that Windows has to be shutdown before installing though. Got gung-ho with my new Asus (3 years ago lol) and just installed Zorin after trying Live - no sound! Couldn't figure it out at all.. found a random post on some issues after installing; turns out, Windows takes some busses over through the Fast Startup deal. Kind of like a sophisticated "hibernation" mode? Weird - and takes over devices! ..

That was my only problems though. I ran with Secure Boot enabled for about a year - every Nvidia update required a Mokutil password.. every, single, time - got old lol So, now I'm just on dual-boot but no Secure Boot this time.

I could be very wrong, but: usually when I have issues with sleep modes, it's normally kernel related - either too old / new. Depending on how recent your machine is, maybe a newer 6.x.x kernel would be better - I have a newer-ish, kinda, laptop that doesn't like anything lower than 6.2.x. Any other kernels and it won't sleep or recognize certain HW..

So, in your opinion, it could be a kernel problem. I have a Linux 5.15.0-88-generic x86_64 kernel. My laptop is an Asus VivoBook, and it is 2 years old. Maybe I have to update the kernel, but I don't know what version could be compatible without do disasters.

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The normal method to suspend, given by default by the OS.
No, I don't have any partition except the main one. I didn't explicitly set a Swap

I can't say for sure - new new new-ish hardware usually does better with the more recent kernels; like my other laptop that doesn't like 5.15 kernels, wifi and sound are the biggest issues..

This guide has how to update the kernel - there's a few how-to's on here for kernel upgrades though, that one might be a bit dated though - it's a common thing haha

Thank you.
I try with this, hoping to solve the problem

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[HOW TO] Easily install the latest available Kernel When you have Net Connection - Found an updated one from August '23, would probably use that one! :grin:

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