Zorin doesn't make it to desktop; cursor blinks on screen, then a terminal cursor appears in the top left corner for two seconds, and repeats

Fresh install of Zorin Pro 16.1 on my HP Pavilion x360 laptop. Installation worked without a hitch, but can't get it to the desktop after first boot

Screen Turns and stays Black or Boot Loops?

It makes it past the boot, it shows the HP and Zorin logos but afterwards it does this

Ok I got it to boot to the desktop by choosing a different kernel in the boot menu, it took me forever to try and get there though because the BIOS on my laptop kept popping up first so I had to time it just right

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So, you are having problems with booting the OS?
Currently you are on the desktop right?

You can set the system to default boot into an earlier kernel if you need:

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