Zorin doesn't recognize my Second Monitor

Im using Zorin 16 Core and im using a Nvidia Driver that actually works for me. I have a RTX 2060 and when I was booting from the Zorin Live USB it found the Display. I also noticed (even after formating my Disc) I still have a Windows Bootloader under dev/nvme0!?!? I tried to boot into it but It just said that my Installation of Windows is corrupted and im supposed to insert my Windows Installation CD to repair Windows.

Also to add is that I have been Dualbooting Windows & Ubuntu together before (they were both on the same Disc just partitioned)

You can fix this following this post:

Please post the terminal output for

sudo lshw -C video

As Windows is no longer present, please disable Secure Boot in your BIOS / EFI settings. It is for Windows Only.
It can block Zorin access to Graphics for Nvidia.

The issue is that if I disable Secure Boot, Zorin wont boot up but just display that "i destroyed my installation"-ish blinking cursor

You set up MOK?

If this is a fresh installation, I would just Re-install Zorin OS clean with Secure Boot disabled.

Yeah I did because I was planning to install windows later

It is much better to install Windows First, then Linux once Windows is place.
It is possible to install Windows after - but that is best for if you really have to...*

Yeah alright. I can stick to VMs since I only need 1 Program to run that wont work with wine. Ill do a clean install tmr and Ill see if the Issue still occurs

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