Zorin equivalent of Dropbox

Is there an equivalent app for Zorin that is similar to Dropbox? I want to be able to upload files and then be able to access them remotely with my mobile phone.



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My recommendation is MEGA.

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Is there a free version of MEGA like Dropbox?

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While MEGA also has a paid account, the limitation for a free account is very generous. When I created my account it was 50GB for free.

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Okay, I don't need a lot of storage. I will give MEGA a try.

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It was 20gigs when I set it up last week or whenever it was.

What version of Ubuntu is Zorin 15.3 running?

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Ah, OK.
It gets less generous than my time. Still 20GB is not too bad for free.

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Zorin 15,3 is based on Ubuntu 18,04.
But version 16 will be released soon, which is based on UB 20,04.

You will love it.
It is one of the rare Cloud services with Linux support.
You can integrate MAGA [edit: MEGA] into Linux file managers.

MEGA. :expressionless: Here in the USA, MAGA has a meaning of its own...

I use pCloud, with up to 10GB free disk space.

Oops, Freudian slip :crazy_face:

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Don't think anyone answered that question. Z15.3 is based on Ubunto 18.04.

You missed my post :frowning:

Where was that hiding? Facepalm :roll_eyes:
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Sorry to have wasted your time. That was not a real question, just my surprise in missing it during read through. Your link pointed to it Ok.

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