Zorin Forum Members stance on Piracy

This forum is a community composed of Zorin Operating System users and Members that are supportive and encouraging of the Zorin OS Project.
This forum is paid for and supplied by the ZorinGroup.

Zorin OS is available for free.
The Zorin Operating System comes with a large suite of preinstalled software for productivity, entertainment and for efficient use.
Zorin Education is always free.
Zorin OS is available in Gnome and in XFCE, both for free.
Zorin OS Pro offers additional layouts as perks and an even larger suite of preinstalled software. All of this software is freely available and Open Source.
This renders acts of Piracy of Zorin OS Pro to be redundant and counter-productive.
The purpose of Zorin OS Pro is to support and fund the development of Zorin OS. Without these donations to financially support Zorin OS, the ZorinGroup would be unable to devote Full-Time attention to its development.

Furthermore, pirated copies of Zorin OS Pro may include Malware, deviations or alterations that are dangerous, lack proper security updates or simply be a broken OS.

The members of this forum are unable to provide any help or troubleshooting to pirated copies of Zorin OS. There are too many unknowns involved in a copy provided by illicit means.