Zorin Forum page flicker when Reply Box open

Anyone else seeing forum page flicker after opening the Reply box in a thread.
I have started seeing this on both my FF and Opera browsers.
If I shift up the height of the Reply box, the flicker stops.


Yes, I have had the same experience.
Thought it might be, because I lifted the reply box too high. Apparently not.

OK not just me then.
Moved this thread to "Feedback" section.
Flickering was driving me nuts whilst replying to posts. But strangely not flickering whilst typing this. :thinking: Have the devs fixed it maybe?

Recalling some of your messages, I happen to remember you mentioning the use of ver 15.3 and if so, I don't think this is Zorin's fault/problem. Even the updates can't be the cause of this (I use Zorin16).

No issues here (or did not notice) with latest firefox. Will re-check tommorow.

Yes I have had it happen just the last few days...but not every single time. And with different browsers

Experience the same. And it was the first time so I thought it was because of Zorin lite 16. It seldom happens to me.

I was on Windows not Zorin at the time. I do not have the problem typing this, so assume it has somehow been fixed.

EDIT: Flickering Problem is back.

Nope, still there it's flickering right now as I'm typing. Can't make a print screen and even filming it with Kazam, doesn't seem to work.

I can reproduce it have done it several times (thats why I wanted to make the printscreen). When you move the handle bar down and stop exactly on the blue reply button, while holding the bar, its starts again.

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I have edited my reply #7. Just seen the problem again whilst Reply box open.

Happens to me too when Reply box is open. Z15XFCE.
Doesn't happen on my iPhone.

Got a issue on my smartphone lately that my reply box disapears and it wants to reload everytime when i want to make a reply again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I get it too in FireFox, but it stops when I move the scrollbar all the way to the bottom.


Seems to happen if the main thread is scrolled to where the ----last visit---- indicator is present. If scrolled up its OK, if scrolled down is OK.
Is that the cause, or is it more random than that?

The above was whilst looking at the forum using either FF or Opera on my Windows machine.
I get the same problem on FF on Zorin 15.3Core on our other laptop.

I also now think there is no connection with the ---last visit--- indicator. It seems random unless thread scrolled up or at bottom.

This flickering is driving me nuts when replying to posts. :angry:

All i know is that this happend after the last forum update(s) almost 1,5 week ago.

@AZorin @zorink please look into this.


Yeah this is definitely irritating. I thought only I was facing this problem alone. I wonder why it took so much time for me to find this thread. Experiencing this problem in: Vivaldi, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

I can add Firefox and Opera to that list. Also under Windows and Zorin on different PC's.

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Ok, so anyone who wants to avoid this problem should use Safari, iPhone 6s, OS13.7. Then they can be cool like me. :flushed:

No, use epiphany web - uses the same as Apple and Safari - but open source not overpriced rubbish! :rofl: