Zorin Install Failure, On Gigabyte X670 X AX V2 motherboard

I believe it is required to have TPM for windows 11, and i am dualbooting

Not anymore! :grin:

That's how to setup TPM-free Windows 11. Can do this on install or after, either one.

And yep - dual-boot or not, you can disable all the 'security' stuff in BIOS before booting into Zorin :+1: Just have to go back and re-enable all of it for Windows if that's how it's configured.

Can I re-enable the "'Security'" stuff after zorin is installed? or is it not supported in any capacity?

P.S. will try removing TPM requirement and installing without TPM

Edit: it looks like you can't disable TPM requirement after windows install, unless zorin accepts TPM 1.2 during zorin installation. Would the best course of action be to reinstall windows and get rid of TPM requirement while installing windows? I can do that it would just be a bit of a hassle reinstalling everything (my internet is sorta sh*t).

First and last options are with Windows preinstalled, FYI. Last one is with registry editing. First one is also with registry editing but using an installation disk to get to CMD and opening regedit from there.. So yes, quite possible after installation; have you tried?

Remember, you will need to still disable these settings in BIOS afterward.. Secure boot, TPM, CSM / Legacy boot options will all need to be disabled - also any RAID settings need to be changed to AHCI. After you have all of these disabled, then try again.

You really don't want TPM present as it is a form of spyware. I was able to install Windows 11 on my eldest's desktop which is flagged as not compatible by using Ventoy with MOK key built in. No TPM required.

The last one just knocks it down to TPM 1.2 though right? If zorin supports 1.2 than it'll work

I can't help but ask - have you even tried? :person_facepalming:

So i got rid of anything mentioning security whatsoever, TPM CSM, secure boot, and check to make sure RAID was off. there are some errors that show before getting to the zorin select screen, if this isn't normal i can send photos

What errors?

I'll take a photo and send it, i've got to charge my camera

Are you still seeing errors on boot?

Have you disabled Windows Fast Startup ?

You should be able to run with "Trusted platform module" , "Secure boot" & "fast Boot" Enabled.

Hope this helps

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Yes, I have

What is the device your using to boot with, SD Card,,USB Stick or DVD?

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I was using an old ■■■■■■ USB drive for a while, but because i heard it might be an issue with the drive, i got a brand new, nice PNY USB drive. Should not be a drive issue unless i have really, really, bad luck

This is normal, so if you let it run past these's errors does Zorin OS boot up?

Yep, as I mentioned previously, I get an "unrecoverable error" after setting username and password, should I try to install something else like Kubuntu to see if this is a zorin specific issue?

Yes you can try other distro's. :+1:
are you able to run Zorin OS in "TRY" mode?
& does it run?
Also have you tried installing from with-in the "TRY" mode. (Double click the install screen icon)?

Try mode works alright, have not tried from within, also other distros install fine, but once I restart after install, it gives this error, and doesn't boot