Zorin Install Failure, On Gigabyte X670 X AX V2 motherboard

Ok i hope without re-reading all the above, from memory i think you disabled a lot of items in your UEFI?
If yes, i would suggest reverting all the changes or setting the UEFI,
From memory i think your dual booting , if so make sure you have windows backed up.

Please don't confuse thing's, now when you say

Do you mean the other distro's are not booting & you get the above error?
or have you been ableto install Zorin OS & this is the error now?

So, I just got Kubuntu working, had to do some stuff, but the community told me what to do, and I'm going to try all the same stuff with zorin and see if it works

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What was told to do with Kubuntu? That should mostly work with Zorin, both being an Ubuntu base; just curious.

And I see an 'unknown chipset' status on the recent picture. What exact spec, make, and model PC are you using?

Last one: Have you checked for any BIOS updates for your machine? That might mitigate these hiccups.

I had to enable SVM/KVM Virtualization (whatever you want to call it) and also install nvidia drivers before booting in

I am using a Nvidia4070 Ti SUPER, a Ryzen 7 7700x, Gigabyte X670 gaming x ax v2.

I have not checked BIOS update, but if my next zorin install attempt, which im about to do, fails, i will check BIOS update

I had to enable SVM/KVM and it worked fine!


Glad to see it's fixed, could you please tell us the laptop or desktop brand/model, i wish to change the Topic title so others with the same model, will locate this solution quickly, sorry if you have posted it above i had a quick look but didn't find it..
thanks again
Zorin Forum Community.

The part that most likely matters is that it is a Gigabyte X670 X AX V2 motherboard.

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