Zorin Install Failure, On Gigabyte X670 X AX V2 motherboard

I am installing zorin alongside windows, and when i try to install, right after i put in the username and password, etc. that i want to use, it says "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run". Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did You controled the Checksum of the ISO File? Maybe the File is broken. To test that download the ISO again, check the Checksum and try to install it again. Make sure that Secure Boot is disabled in the BIOS Settings.

See useful pre-installation advice here: Before you install

I had downloaded it twice, both to different USB drives

I tryed all of that stuff, still broken. if it helps, i am using rufus with GPT and FAT32

Back to basics. Is this a desktop or notebook? What version of Windows? Did you make space for Zorin using Windows built in Disk Manager to shrink C:\ drive before attempting to install?

Desktop computer, windows 11, I was using the built in partition thing in zorin, the one where you just have a slider

Well I think there might be some other things you need to do as well. Have you disabled fast boot and secure boot in the BIOS? There also has to be a Power Setting turned off in Windows to do with the Hard Drive - by default it never gets turned off for faster boot times (first used in Windows 8 I believe).
I think it is best if you use Windows Disk Management tool first to make space for Zorin.

Also suggest followng this guide:

I will try the guide and use windows disk management

Ok, so it didn't work, i got the unrecoverable error, i tried all of the stuff you suggested, but this time a really peculiar thing happened, when i selected "something else" for the installation, "continue" was greyed out, so i did the install alongside option, and the error promptly showed up. Please advise on how to continue

Create bootable zorin usb with etcher on windows.
that's what i use on windows. also make sure to checksum iso before using it

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Try Ventoy.

This is what I've been doing, just replacing etcher with Rufus because etcher has killed so many of my USB drives

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I will try this, thank you for the suggestion!

Still getting the error, this is really peculiar
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Do you have drive encryption / BitLocker enabled?

Here's how to get to the settings if so to disable:

There is another item that should also be checked. Has the BIOS ever been updated? This has caused issues in earlier versions of Zorin having installation issues. Also make sure SATA settings are set to AHCI. Another potential issue might be TPM. I don't dual boot, but when TPM is active you cannot run Virtual Machines, regardless of OS.

Not enabled

stock BIOS, i don't have a SATA accessory, TPM 2.0 is required for windows 11 to run. I am so utterly confused, i might end up just buying pro for support.

Yep, sounds like mixed BIOS settings are causing the issues.

Disable some of that stuff, secure boot, TPM, and CSM if you have it - double triple make sure you don't have encryption on, and try again.