Zorin is broken ... again and it must be me perhaps?

As much as I love Zorin it's now developed into a love hate relationship, I have nothing on Zorin apart from steam and one game, today I logged in "no internet showing" text is huge AGAIN! and it just looks a mess is there a way via "sudo" to reinstall, I have tried with no success, and now Zorin loads without any other option, also USB seems to have no effect if I try to reinstall? sorry no images this time.

Are you saying that USB ports are not working? Or that you cannot boot into the USB bootable stick?

I know you asked about installing Lite and Core both, but your profile does not show which you are using. Can you please add that?

Do you recall your Wifi Card?

If I remember correctly, you had sought about locking in your kernel previously. Did you ever lock your kernel in?

Can you please show the terminal output for:

sudo lshw -C network

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OK thanks for that valuable info, I will print this off and try tomorrow, not tonight out for a few drinks! thanks again for you time and knowledge. PS USB works fine?

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I gave up it's gone in for a repair at my local computer guy!

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