Zorin is running very slow

Before some days star tracker has told me that my kernel version is very old and I can feel slow performance because of that. That time I have just newly installed Zorin os so may be that time I can't able to fell that but now I am feeling very slow performance. If that's the reason then is there any way to update the kernel version. And if that's not the case then what is the case. My PC slows down even when my ram, swap, and CPU usage is very low. Please help me.

I am not sure kernel version would affect performance unless it was a bad update for your particular machine. Also remember latest and greatest kernel is not always the Best kernel, so don't go chasing that tiger as it may bite.

I assume you have Z16 Core. Which kernel version are you running?
Did slow performance start after a kernel update?

Some things to check and tell us about:
Disks: How much free space do you have in root?
How much RAM do you have?

You may also want to see if your log files are getting big and prune them. See this:


I have never updated my kernel. My kernel version is 5.11.0-43-generic
i have 4 gb ram
500 gb total storage (one third of it is used.)
and i have 2 gb swap partition

neofetch result below-

the below dock is latte dock and i don't think that is slowing my pc.

autoremove: command not found
this is the result after using auto remove.

I edited my previous post. Don't know if you noticed that.

2Gb swap partition seems small if you have 4Gb RAM. I would have used 4Gb swap partition when RAm is only that size.

I also see you are a fan of Flatpak's. If you run apps as Flatpak's then that may not be most efficient.

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I did not prescribe autoremove, where did you see that?

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yes i have seen the edit and in i have readied the tutorial. in that tutorial i have seen that they have suggested to use auto-remove.
how do you know that i use flat pack ?
actually i have used that only once for downloading minecraft and now i have also deleted that.

how to increase swap partition?

There is no mention of autoremove in my post I gave you a link to (content reproduced below):

recover space taken by journal files:

check disk usage:

journalctl --disk -usage


journalctl -r

start new, archive old:

sudo journalctl --rotate

limit size to 100M and clean:

sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=100M

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how to increase then swap partition?
yes i have seen that my swap fills up very quickly.

linux swap partition is normally set up when you install the Operating System. I am not sure if you can use Gparted to increase its size. You would have to create some unallocated space on the drive. Others here maybe better able to help with that.

As for how I know about your Flatpaks, your neofetch screenshot states 17 Flatpaks.

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journalctl -r
command stops at
lines 1-24

i have not downloaded 17 packages form flatpack. has anyone hacked me.

That is just to review last log. Not important unless bad errors listed.
what did journalctl --disk -usage state?
If size is say bigger than 200M, you can rotate then clean logs down to prscribed limit e.g. 100M in the example.

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it says 360.0m

Maybe they come with the standard OS installation. I have 15.3 Core so can't comment.

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oh okay, thank you . i was a little worried after hearing that.

That is not massive for your spec machine, but I have small disk and so regularly rotate then clean down to 100M.

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do i need to rotate?