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I am new to Zorin (and Linux). I recently installed Zorin Core to play around with it. I cannot figure out one thing: How to set a custom shortcut to open Zorin menu? I know it opens with the Super key. But I'd like a different shortcut for my workflow. Is this possible?

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If you open the app menu, click settings in the bottom right corner of the app menu, open keyboard shortcuts you will find the key mapping you are looking for and be able to modify it to your hearts content.

Hi 337harvey - I tried that but I cannot find the shortcut for Zorin menu there. The only place it appears is in Zorin Appearance settings where I can choose whether the Super key opens the Activities Overview or the Zorin menu.

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You should disable that, first.
What you are looking for is what command to enter into the shortcut to create the launcher, correct?

Searching the forum, I also see this post:

As I understood it, if you make the Meta (Super) key the Overview function, Alt+ F1 is the combination to launch the menu. Don't know if it is possible to change that - might mean messing with dConf Editor (dconf-tools).

Thanks for all the replies. I am not referring to the launcher (Show Applications). I was referring to the Zorin menu which opens when I click on the Zorin logo on the bottom left. Currently, pressing the Super key opens that menu, but I cannot find anyway to change this shortcut or assign a custom shortcut to this action.

I've already stated that the alternate one is the 'de facto' for GNU/Linux, Alt+ F1 which is what happens when you assign the Super Key for Overview, as in this article:

Basically I think it is 'hard-coded' - but could be wrong - this is to prevent other 'standard' key combinations being lost if overwritten by something else.

You could try the guide here but beware that you don't overwrite something that you later rely on - or expected to work:


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You're referring to the activities page. My mistake. I changed that functionality almost as soon as i installed zorin.

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Sorry, forgot what it was called - the joy of retirement! Forgetfulness! :rofl:

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It definitely seems to be hard-coded. Anyway, I was able to figure out a workaround for my workflow that doesn't require accessing the menu. Thanks!

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