Zorin. my new distro!

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my story about my Linux journey.

I started to use Linux during my college. I didnt switched completely from Windows, so it was just casual experiment.
I ditched Windows permanently 3-4 y ago. First distro was Ubuntu ofc, but I didnt like it. Than I found Manjaro ( Arch based) ,first love,lol. From than I used it constantly. Last year ( Corona time) I started my distro hopping. I tried many distros ( Fedora, Solus, Mint, Ubuntu, Elementary os, Endeavour os, Arcolinux, OpenSuse, different WM (i3, bspwm, awesome), Manjaro, Zorin 16 beta and others).
But I was somehow curious about new Zorin 16 release, and I eagerly awaited it.

Firstly I installed core version, to check if everything is fine, had some issues with Steam and games, but with help from lovely people on this forum, I sorted it.
Than I bought Pro version. I wanted to support Zorin project, because I like to support great stuff, small projects where hard work is visible. And from my part, that’s at least a little I can do right now. Thank you Zorin from taking care for my health, that was at least 30 less beers for me :crazy_face: and really well spent 40 eur.

Looking from my perspective ( mostly Arch user), this distro is sleak. Easy to install, no issues during partitioning, easy guided installer and fast. hassle free installation

Modern interface, well designed theme, fast and smooth to operate.
Here I don't need to update every day, making a battle with testing branch, experimenting, I even don't need to use terminal.

It just works. It is stable. It is fast. It is modern, polished os. Do I need something else ? no

I feel like i'm home.

Thank you Zorin team, for your hard work, for this awesome distro. :heart: :heart_eyes:


Thank you for your support and kind words! We're glad to hear you're enjoying Zorin OS!


Awww, I am glad to hear after checking out several distro's, you've found your home. During a ruthless pandemic that shows no end, its good to have a place you can call home, filled with awesome people you can call family.

I too tried several distro's, but not as many as you, and I too know what it feels like being part of the Zorin family. The strange thing is, even when I jumped distro's, I still find myself coming back, even months later.

I care about what the Zorin team are doing, and it makes me feel good that they produced a quality OS in the end. I was scared there for awhile about OS 16 might not being good. But I was happy to be wrong when reports started coming in on the BETA, that OS 16 was a cut above the rest.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, were glad to have you. And were not the only ones lovely here, so are you. lol :heart_eyes_cat:


hehe, thanks :slight_smile:

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I am back, stronger than before :stuck_out_tongue:

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WOW WOW WOW, hold the phone, you are running kernel 5.14, and your system hasn't folded like a tin can? Impressive, most impressive.

I like your resolve so far! Now the question is, what will you do next? Upgrade to Gnome 40? I suggest you don't, for your system will surely break, and there will be no escape for you this time. lol

Have you sent Windows through the garbage shmashers where it belongs? HEHE I say Windows smells like dead fish on a city bus, so it belongs down there.

Alright, thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you do next! Begin the theming sir Mark. I bet you already got Gnome Tweaks locked and loaded ready to tweak the garbage out of Gnome, and bring the eye candy in. HEHE

I run Kernel 5.14 too.

Probably will go with 5.15 tonight :slight_smile:

Yeah , why not ? I always want to use latest from drivers, kernels etc. Bleeding edge life :slight_smile: That is the beauty of Linux. You can try and fail and learn on it.

Upgrade to Gnome 40 I don't want to do on Zorin, it is not just update.

Windows last time I used on my private lap 3 y ago. Only on business atm.
About theming, yes soon, but atm I am only playing game :slight_smile: and waiting to see what will hapenned with Zorin 16 lite :stuck_out_tongue:

How ?

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Either use it manually to download all needed things from Index of /~kernel-ppa/mainline

For 64 bit architecture, you should download these kind of files


Now it’s time to install downloaded kernel. First do into the directory where you’ve downloaded kernel and enter following command. Make sure there isn’t any other “.deb” file in that directory other than downloaded kernel files.

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

or follow this : [HOW TO] Easily install the latest available Kernel When you have Net Connection

You ask me every Time :neutral_face:
You even sent me a PM about it.

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Yes i know, but after each kernel upgrade higher then 5.11 you get a error message about libc6 requirements

Just ignore it :slight_smile:

Then the install fails

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Hm..please open new thread and show us step by step what you did and share screenshoots from terminal about errors

Correct- you cannot ignore it because only some of the kernel will install, not the headers.
Michel, if you recall, I compiled a corrected 5.14 linux-headers that has the correct compiler dependency. I dole it out at great need, only.


I am running 5.11.38 on Zorin OS, and I am running 5.13 on POP OS, posting my screenfetches!

Zorin OS 16 PRO (Focal)
Zorin OS 16 PRO Screenfetch Kernel 5.11.38

POP OS 21.04 (Hirsute)

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@marko94, i know how to flash a kernel from the ubuntu repo. I dont need to open a new threat for something like that. It is impossible to flash it because ubuntu locked those kernels for newer releases.

@Aravisian, yeah i thought so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No say it like you mean it, like Kirk did when he said Kahn.

Ubuuuuuunnnnnttttttuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:

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