"Zorin-OS-15.3-Lite-32-bit" does not boot from DVD?

Hello everyone!
Is there a difference between usb-iso and cd/dvd-iso files?
I burned that iso image with MagicIso and GParted or BionicPup32 booted, but not Zorin-OS-15.3-Lite-32-bit.
What's wrong?

No, the .iso's are the same.

There are a great many things that can cause it:


I would use either Rufus as you are using Windows:

or Ventoy:

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Sorry, my fault, disc malfunction. Thanks.

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I'm not sure if you are new to installing Linux, as you mention other 32bit distros in your OP. In any case, this advice is worth a look: Before you install

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Thanks. Example of overwhelming : Bionicpup32-8.0-uefi naizmenično sa Windows 10 na MSI-AMD desktop

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