Zorin-OS-16.1-Core - install- no option to select which apps can be installed


I was trying to look a bit into the details of Zorin. I downloaded and installed the core version

However, I found that it was an all or nothing type of install?
First I found that the install took quite a while.
It installed all the apps whether I wanted them or not - there was no option to choose - am I missing something whilst installing?
It would have been nice to have the user know which are all the applications that will be installed and an advanced option to select/deselect apps to be installed

one of the main reasons (among others) to choose a Linux distro is precisely the ability to choose what apps gets installed into my system!?


I have never seen a OS not give you any applications or let you select each at install. And you do have the ability to remove, install, or create your own.

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I believe during install there is a minimal installation choice .... but like Bubby said above all OS's have some apps installed ....

I think minimal installation applies to Pro, in order that you can get the extra layouts without all the apps normally bundled in Pro.
Core comes with a basic set of apps, but as @Bubby mentions above, you can just remove those you do not want, after installation.

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Thank you all for your replies

It is good to know there is a choice.
Maybe I did not read the baked in installed apps, was expecting a minimal install - Core normally meant the base - like Ubuntu Core/Windows Core/.NET Core

After the complete installation of Zorin os
you can install synaptic and markdown the apps you need to install at once and install them all. The same goes to uninstall markdown all the apps you don't need and uninstall all of them
Just simple as that, as of now I haven't seen any distro providing the option to install the user desired apps during the installation

Managed to post a reply for this thread in another thread by mistake.

The What second distro ? thread has a couple distributions that allow you to add remove apps etc during the install process.

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I have seen some android devices that give the option. Not sure if all of them give.

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