Zorin OS 16.1

I have Zorin OS 16 pro, will I be able to just upgrade/update my current Zorin OS desktop for to Zorin OS 16.1 for free?

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Yup. Just run the updater app.

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All Point Releases are included with Pro.

The only time you must purchase Pro again is for Major Releases. For example, when changing from Zorin OS 16 to Zorin OS 17.


Update this morning from 16 pro, no problem.

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Great, and I assume that to be at a version upgrade price rather than a release pricing, correct?

Its a free upgrade, I assume, for all types of Z16, free and paid for.

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This is a good question.
I have looked around to see if I can find any solid information on Dsicounts for Repeat Ultimate / Pro users.
I can find only the following:

Isso vale pro core também?

Translated from Portuguese:
"Is this valid for core too?"

Core is completely free. You can upgrade to the next point release (when available) via Software & Updates for free but you have to clean install the next major releases of Zorin OS (until the direct upgrade feature is made available), that too is free.

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