Zorin OS 16 Beta Checksums

I was attempting to find the beta checksums, but did not notice them on the official zorin site or sorceforge download. These are the checksums that were calculated in my app:



Will someone please verify, preferably @AZorin, @zabadabadoo, @Aravisian (trusted sources, no offense to others meant).

Zorin OS 16 Core Beta sha256 checksum 737dcf0721ebcf06aae4a48e2cfe3d3bfc2189762a6ada0882a0dba7f1a37923

Need to scroll a bit:


That's for 15.3 not beta.

Your right... didn't scroll far enough

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I have not installed Zorin16Beta, but when I run it live, as it boots up, you can see a small line at the bottom of the screen " Checking MD5 sums: % complete " .
I assume that if there were an error in the download, it would pick it up.

I would hope. But the link aravisian supplied does have a small text link that opens a list of checksums for every version. You really have to pay attention to catch it and scroll to the bottom for the beta.

I am a bit late to the party but would have pointed you here:

Z16 Beta SHA256 is listed at the bottom of the list on the Zorin download page as illustrated by @aravisian

It's the human brain. We do not read in individual letters, but by pattern groupings. It is why typoes are legible, as is the vry 'noyng txt spk 4 cell phns.
The Zorin OS 16 Beta blends in with the long list of Zorin 15... Zorin 15.. Zorin 15... above it.

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