Zorin OS 16 Core install stuck at 'Choose disk'

I am not getting any error but my setup was just loading on choose disk the setup doesn't go any further whats the problem any idea?

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Was the checksum ok?
Does it behave any different in legacy mode?

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Checksum is ok no errors detected but installation setup is so much laggy

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Not sure what would be going on. Had that same issue when was using Pop OS. Tried reinstalling Pop OS but the setup was lagging so gave up and switched to Zorin.

I already downloaded and flashed the iso multiple times maybe compatibility issues!

What year make and model is your machine?

i3 -6th gen asus laptop ddr4 ram not much older than 5 years i guess

Which PC or machine are you trying to install it on, I tried using Live CD on a old PC with 3GB ram and it worked

Have you checked if Asus allows custom Bootloaders. I know some laptops cant work well with dual boot or linux distros.

I ran Zorin 16 Live CD on a old Toshiba with 3GB ram it worked fine there.

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In past i have used ubuntu :no_mouth:. Btw im not trying to dual boot just trying to replace windows 11

Yikes ya am not sure maybe take a breather for abit and try later.
Have you tried searching for laggy Ubuntu Installation?
Since Zorin is based on Ubuntu maybe someone came accross this problem of laggy installation.

Is your drive ssd, is it nVME or eMMC?
Is your EFI set to AHCI or to RAID?

Could the laggy response be caused by the hard drive, even though its a live CD?

Well, he had said it was stuck at the Installer on the Choose Disk portion. That was the part that got my attention, anyway...

Btw i have ssd it isn't even harddisk to complain about slow performance

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Am just wondering because when i tried reinstalling Pop OS after i failed using Intellij. My drive started lagging. Before i even got to the setup and i was in live mode still it was lagging.

Have you tried checking for BIOS updates?
Ubuntu 20.04 Freezing During Installation
Maybe this will help.


Yeah thanks i will search about that and try installing later

Alright then will check in later after I install Zorin 16, still backing up files for now.