Zorin OS 16 core installation problem , stuck at Updates and other software page

Please help me . I am getting stuck at Updates and other software page while installing zorin os 16 core. Plz help . You can send me dm on insta or twitter @hp30ravi .

Did you double check the SHA256 checksum HASH after you downloaded the ISO, before you burned it to the USB drive?

Also, you don't need to install the 3rd party drivers right away, they can be installed later. However, yes its true, its easier to install them during the install if you can. But if its freezing the installer, you can uncheck that, and run the rest of the installer for now.

I have this same problem in 15.3 just cut cable from internet- joking. Just plug out connection and installation will go forward.

I may also suggest not ticking the "Instal third party software.." at this point, and then do that after installation is completed.


How to check that HASH ??

I had the same issue during my 1st attempted install. Seemed to hang on me.
Did a 2nd attempt, unclicked it and no further issues. And the benefit of doing that is if you are going to remove some packages after install, remove them first before updating. Save time in needless updates.

The forum is the best place to cover issues.

The reason you are experiencing this appears to be because of an error with the connection to the Zorin OS Repository.
Please boot from the LiveUSB. Then seelct "Try Zorin."
From Try Zorin, double click the installer.
DO Not connect to the internet and leave the box for downloading and installing updates as you go Unchecked.

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How I can repair my Zorin on hard disk when using CLI terminal. I can login to my Zorin 16 Pro but needed a repaired. I don't want loose my data files. It is possible. I tried in recovery mode but there wroted not find some files and cannot repair them. You know I was updated to newest Kernel. Better idea if this operating system is damaged then better install a fresh and no experimental on fresh installation?

Need to know exactly what went wrong to know what to repair. You can try installing the current Zorin OS kernel and desktop essentials:

sudo apt install --reinstall linux-headers-5.11.0-40-generic linux-modules-5.11.0-40-generic linux-modules-extra-5.11.0-40-generic linux-image-5.11.0-40-generic zorin-os-desktop

If you can back up your files, even using terminal, that is better than nothing.

The backup files i created. I think I will install again but without some things what i don't needed. I want a stable a system. I find some books in my language then i will try reading them.

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This is the Best Route, I believe.
Reinstall Zorin OS. Restore your Personal Files Only.
You can stick with the vetted Zorin OS Kernel but do testing on another computer for that purpose.

Correct or another hard disk. I will creating a efi partition , root partition , home partition and swap partition. It is good idea? With another things i know how do that all information are on this forum with your help ofcourse. I saw also Discord Zorin channel.


Great. Now i have 2pc with Zorin. Core and Pro.


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