Zorin OS 16 Core Installation Problem

I install it with safe graphics and... Look at the pics

What is this thing ?? Why? Solution please

Looks like a Corrupt .iso download.

You may run memtest just to be sure it is not bad RAM Module...

My computer still running and showing the same thing what the recommended thing to do

I would perform a hard shutdown.

Okay thanks

I shut it down now

I turned on the pc and it showed duel boot zorin and windows and I chosed zorin and it won't run, i think I should delete zorin from my pc how can I do that

You can reinstall, overwriting it... OR use a partition Manager (You can use Windows Partition Manager) and delete the partition.

I ran the memtest86 and that is what it shown

Tell me what is not good

It is still running and not yet complete.

Forget the uninstallation tell me about what it says in the photo

It says it is running and not yet complete.

Aha okay
It still in 66% from a helf an hour now

Yes, memtest can take a while... It's one of those things I dread doing...

Aha okay we will wait

In installing Zorin it won't work with the first option, why?

Which option is first?

Check this, I tried to install zorin os core 16 from the DVD, and i got a prablem, it's when i click in the option " Try or install zorin os " after that it will do " checking md5sums " then it will show up the symbol of zorin (like in the picture below) and the laptop will shut down.

Note that I have two graphic cards one of them is not working well.

Listen to me with this option and the option safe graphics it won't work, give me a solution please .
Note that I'm waiting the memtest86 to finish.

Ok, the options are Normal Boot and Boot with Safe Graphics...
Which works and which does not?

2011 processor on this pc. Integrated hd3000 GPU. Mobile processor.