Zorin OS 16 Core random freezing on Nvidia

@saigo , I moved this to a new thread since the other thread described an issue on AMD Ryzen whereas you are on Nvidia.
While subtle, sometimes such differences also mean different solutions will apply.

Which Nvidia Driver are you using? You can check with Software & Updates > Additional Drivers

Have you been monitoring Temps and fan speeds to see if overheating is the culprit? (it often is).

Have you run fsck or a S.M.A.R.T. test on the drive to check for bad blocks or sectors?

Hey @Aravisian,

I am currently using 525 Nvidia driver because I had some issues when updating to 535 ( black screen)

My Cpu Temps is always below 50, and my GPU is below 60
I have updated the kernel from 5.15.76 => 5.15.78
I have an SSD but I didn't run any tests on it

Let me know if you need more information!

I watched a video right about HDD and SSD some days ago and in fact a reason of a dying SSD is right an unexpected lag, noisy computer or random BSODs. I hope your SDD is relatively recent as the engineer on the video said SSDs have an expiry.

A few things you can try:

sudo prime-select nvidia

On Demand may cause crashes.

You might try the grub parameter intel_iommu=off if you are using Intel integrated with Nvidia dedicated.

You might refresh the Nvidia drivers (I agree about 535 drivers being itchy):
Thoroughly remove Nvidia drivers

sudo apt remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

Install Nvidia drivers

sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Add X-Swat team repo

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates

Upgrade Nvidia Drivers with X-Swat updates.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Hey, again @Aravisian,

Thank you for your assistance, I will do your steps and see If the issue is gone or not even tho I am scared to toy with nvidia drivers :stuck_out_tongue:

Aah! BTW I have used Ubuntu 22.04 and Kali on this computer and I didn't have this issue with them!

Sounds like you could use a newer kernel. That would be the main difference in Ubuntu 20 and 22. I believe they are in the 6.0* kernels.

Yeah, I am thinking of that!

This is the errors I got from the logs!

nobody cared :face_with_raised_eyebrow:? What? Some processes kid with the user?

I have no clue what is that :joy:

But after the last kernel update from 5.15.76 to 5.15.78, I had no freeze issues so far. I hope it stays this way!

After 3 days

with no issue, today it happens again. :thinking:

Are you logging in on Wayland?

Nope X11!

I did a fresh install with 525 drivers no issues yet, let's hope that stays this way!

I am not sure but, when I upgraded the driver to 530 the issue occur!

And yes before that Installed Ubuntu 22.10 with a 535 driver and the freezing issue was occurring more than before!

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UPDATE: The issue still exists :frowning:

I wonder if using nomodeset parameter might alleviate the modesetting errors you are showing above.

Hey @Aravisian,

Thank you for assisting me, much appreciated!

I have downgraded the Nvidia driver to 470 to see if it fixes the issue but unfortunately didn't.

After adding the nomodeset parameter, did you run sudo update-grub?