Zorin Os 16 lite over core?

Hi I installed Zorin os core couple of days ago and I like the look and feel of the OS. However I feel my laptop is not powerful enough to support the core version and hence was thinking of the lite version.

My laptop has an intel graphics card hence I feel running on wayland would be better hence I installed the core version. My only concerns are

  1. Is there way I can reduce the screen tearing when running the lite version? also

  2. Would like to know if it offers fractional scaling. I am currently using a 150% fractional scaling on the zorin os 16 core.

  3. Does Xfce support finger gestures for switching workspace

  4. Does the pro version offer any benefit apart from a couple of layouts then the lite version?.


Usually. We would need to examine the details if you do end up experiencing tearing.

Yes, it is in Settings > Appearance > DPI (Custom DPI)

Pro offers installation Tech Support from the ZorinGroup. Aside from that, neither Core Pro nor Lite Pro offer anything more in the way of performance or features.
Zorin OS Does Not Lock features and make them Pay-To-Use.

... I believe so... But I have never tested this so am not sure...

Just to confirm the finger gestures are already installed or i would need to install touche?

Touchegg comes preinstalled, however you may want to look at:

Thanks for the prompt reply.. is this for the lite version?

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Good Point! Sorry... Touchegg is installed in Core Only. I am not sure why, actually...
(I just checked using apt list --installed)

Just do this to install touchegg on Lite:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:touchegg/stable
sudo apt update
sudo apt install touchegg
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Thanks, I will try to install the lite version later today and see how it goes.
Thanks for sharing the touche installation guide.