Zorin OS 16 on iMac - cannot find sound controls

Hi, All! I have bought a new Apple iMac MRQY2 Core i5 I have not found a sound control function. But I am a new user of the mac machine. Can someone guide me? so that I can test it. thank you

@Leenonmi . First off, Have you looked at this Zorin Help item:

Do you know what sound card your mac has?

In terminal, type alsamixer
Hit [F6] to select your soundcard.
Hit [F5] to show "All" sound channels.
Unmute any showing as muted [M] by selecting then type "M" to unmute, then increase the level.
If Auto-Mute is shown "Enabled", try set that to "Disabled".
Post a screenshot of your alsamixer, maybe we can see something else to try there.

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actually i want to play this game on the mac machine click test

Is it running on windows or zorin

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