Zorin os 16 pro discount

Serious question, will there be a discount for new users who bought zorin os pro 16.

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The information I got is that people who bought Z15 Ultimate can get a discount on Z16 Pro.

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ok, thx for info

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You're welcome. Though I don't know how much discount you get.

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i bought 15 a few days before 16 came out... never saw a thing aboutr 16 before i purchased so sent a message to support asking about upgrading to 16

haven't heard a thing back

imagine they are pretty busy but it is something that needs addressing i would have thought


I made a similar error. Purchased 15 around a month before 16 release. Terrible timing as I had no idea a major update was around the corner. There is a discount feature for 15 Ultimate users however I don't think they have implemented it yet on the website and are instead asking people to message them and dealing with them on a case by case basis.

I contacted them 4 days ago I believe and also have not heard anything as of yet. My guess is that there are thousands of other users also requesting the same thing.

Keeping fingers crossed and am sure that they will be in touch soon.


Same happened to me! No word still on it!

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Yep, you guys are all demonstrating one of the largest issues that I had with the dev's. But in all fairness, there were posts from others on this forum, talking about Zorin OS 16.

So, most likely, you guys were users who only looked at the home page, and if that is so, well there's your answer as to why you didn't know about OS16, cause the dev's never said a thing about it there.

But like I said, oodles and oodles of posts about OS 16 have been on this forum over the course of what 1-year now? Anyways, I don't remember the dev's ever talking about issuing a discount to OS 15 buyers.

However, if that is a new feature they are offering, sounds like it hasn't been fully implemented on the website yet. The dev's are known to take a long time to get back to emails, part of the reason for that is its a team of only 2-people.

You may have missed it. See this:

Well that explains it, I left the site in May, didn't come back until yesterday, so thats why I missed it lol. But thanks for sharing, I read that post. I think its awesome the dev's are offering discounts to OS 15 owners who bought Ultimate. :+1:

I think it would be valid for those unknowingly puchasing Z15 Ultimate in the past few weeks only to learn Z16 Pro was about to launch.
I would otherwise expect the principle of paying full price for each major version of Ultimate/Pro to continue, as this is about the only revenue stream that supports the devs producing this wonderful OS.

Also in fairness, a large number of Zorin OS users are probably not actively monitoring the forum. Many may only use it when something goes wrong and they need a hand figuring out how to fix it. Some posters show as a new join, but state that they have been using Zorin OS for years.

The Newsletters Email option exists and perhaps it can be utilized for this purpose- to announce Potential Pending Release of a Next Zorin OS Release a month or so in advance to help allay such confusion.

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Perhaps you were only looking at the homepage when the discount was announced Startreker :wink:

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