Zorin os 16 Pro wallpaper

Hello is it possible to get this wallpaper?

Hello Atrexian,

Could you elaborate what you mean by 'get this wallpaper'? What are you trying to do?

Hello I just want to use that pro wallpaper on core version :slight_smile:

I suppose you could go digging through the open source code and try to find it, but personally I would not know where to look:

Alternatively, I suppose it could be extracted from a Zorin OS Pro installation and re-uploaded for convenience.

I cannot say if it would be ethical to do. Where is the line between sharing a tiny piece of Pro (the wallpaper), and uploading the complete Zorin OS Pro ISO file? Only the Zorin team could say if they are okay with that.

Of course, if the Zorin team obtained the wallpaper themselves elsewhere, that's a different story.

The pro version has pro wallpapers and pro desktop layouts. If you want that wallpaper you have to pay for the pro version.

There cannot be exceptions made because that would not be fair for core users who wants that only desktop layout from pro. If you want those layouts or wallpapers you should buy pro.


Might be they obtained it from Elsewhere cause you can obtain this Wallpaper form Unsplash itself....

Here's the Link


Yes Unsplash is a site for free wallpapers. Feren OS uses walls from that site extensively.

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Omg thanks <333

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