Zorin OS 16 - Windows App Support (based on Wine 5.0.3 Nov 10, 2020)

I noticed the Zorin Windows App Support is based on Wine 5.0.3 released on Nov 10, 2020. Current stable release of Wine is now at version 6.0.1 released on June 7, 2021. Development version is up to version 6.18 released on Sep 24, 2021. Quite a few Windows software, although understandably not guaranteed, are uninstallable or won't run.

I wonder whether Zorin will officially upgrade the provided version to at least the newest stable release on June 7, 2021. Although, I manually installed the newest stable version, I'm not sure having multiple version is wise or stable, and uninstalled it.

Since, the purpose of Zorin OS is for ease-of-use and attempt to provide seamless transition for ex-Windows users (and ex-Mac), an official uppgrade by Zorin should be welcomed. Hopefully Zorin will upgrade the vesion along with when Zorin OS 16 Lite versions are released. I understand the brothers have a heavly load keeping the distribution great for us.


I have found that Zorin OS has always had outdated versions of Wine. They did in OS 9 and OS 12, and probably OS 15 too but I never used it. I don't think that the Zorin bro's take Wine very seriously, and because they don't, neither do I.

Frankly, I gave up on trying to run Windows software that I absolutely do not even need. You got Gimp for a photo editor, you got Kdenlive for a video editor, you got Blender for 3D modeling, what more do you need?

And Steam comes with Steamplay PROTON for game compatibility. So again, who needs Wine? And you know what happened the last time I used Wine? I had Trojan virus's in Windows installed software that the freaking ClamAV wouldn't freaking remove for some reason.

Not that the Windows Trojans were doing anything on my actual Linux installation, as they were coded for Windows obviously. But still, all that cause of freaking Wine.

Screw Wine!

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There's still quite a few software I need that works perfectly on Windows. I tried the alternatives in GNU/Linux and they can't compare, nor can they replicate perfect compatility when files are sent to others then reopened on native software. It mostly has to do with office productivity suites, PDF manipulation, e-book management from my university, and Android as 2nd Display for Extended Desktop.

Some of these have web-based services, but I hate using web-based SaaS. I often need offline mode on doing certain things and can't depend on having internet 24/7 without potential disruptions.

ClamAV isn't perfect. It still has around 75% efficacy. But, it doesn't remove or disinfect standard, you need to tweak it to make it disinfect, especially for real-time on access scanning. I was just reading about it and will do it in a bit.

All other anti-virus makers have ended consumer GNU/Linux desktop support or in end-of-life stage for their products.


I don't play computer games often, that's why I haven't bought or built a capable machine in at least 10 years. Back can't handle sitting on chair for endless hours like when I was a teenager. But, even with Steam Proton Wine in the works, it's still not 100% easy to use or fool-proof. It's getting there and better over time, but for now, gaming is still primarily on Windows as it has greater market share of desktop/laptop computer.


That right there should be looked into, because if this is true that ESET isn't the only one, then I detect a conspiracy.

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I looked into a few I know of Sophos, ESET, Avast, F-Prot, Kaspersky, Mcafee for consumers. They're all ending GNU/Linux consumer desktop support or already have. I think Comodo might be the only remaining commerical vendor having a version for consumers and not businesses. I'm not sure if there's any others left.

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You can do this your self. Go to the wine site and add their ppa. I have done this my self in pop os 21.04

You need 20.04 if you use zorin -> Ubuntu - WineHQ Wiki

Some games from gog dont work with proton, lutris does that job combined with wine :wink:

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If you read the next sentence, you'll know I've done it before. :wink:


Ah sorry didnt read that part haha.

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:rofl: :crazy_face:

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