Zorin OS 16 with live wallpaper (show off)

I can't help it. I had to make a video of it. :stuck_out_tongue:
It's short 40 secs.


Snowing in May, totally legit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I really like what you've done, its a nice live wallpaper, nice transparency, and as Aravisian mentioned in another post, nice constrast with the icons. Cool.

:mountain_snow: :snowboarder: :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow: Burr

Where are you getting your live wallpapers?

At https://mylivewallpapers.com

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Ah, those are MP4's... I also have dual monitor set up and would prefer to have one image cover both- rather than mess with it, I created a 2880x900 gif using GIMP in Azenis style.

EDIT: The Trekker might like this one- ALIEN style:

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Which Alien is it, is it the Nostromo, or some other alien related franchise?

...i dunno... alien...

does anyone know link to wallpaper in video? Would like an 4k version of it.

i highly doubt they are in 4k.

What are you using to set the live wallpaper as the background? Is that possible by default or do you need a third party app?