Zorin OS 16 with live wallpaper (show off)

Which Alien is it, is it the Nostromo, or some other alien related franchise?

...i dunno... alien...

does anyone know link to wallpaper in video? Would like an 4k version of it.

i highly doubt they are in 4k.

What are you using to set the live wallpaper as the background? Is that possible by default or do you need a third party app?

More show off - flying in space!!!


Putting the "fun" back into a worktop is essential. :wink:


Hi there Aravisian, i am relatively new to Zorin i started with a try on version 15.
Now im back with 16Beta and im realy happy i found it it`s working like a shine.
I could get an live wallpaper working and would like to try the one with flying in space, could you please tell me were i can find that .
Thanks ahead keep up the good work.
Greetings Dirk.

The spaceship - Space Craft Animated Wallpaper – MyLiveWallpapers.com

Another live space wallpaper show off -

Hello Storm, thank you very much very helpfull and quick response. :smiley: :+1: :+1:

Sorry to bother you again Storm, do you have this for Zorin 16 also?

These wallpapers and the instructions that Storm gave for setting up Live Wallpaper on Zorin all work on Zorin OS 16, as well.

Hi Aravisian, i went to the page in the link and ended up for Windows live wallpapers. I was hoping to get more on Zorin16 that i am working on right now.
Realy love the looks of it works like a shine and very fast. Sadly there is still very little on the blog about it, i`m sure there is much to find on google most is refering to ubuntu or Zorin 15 witch is absolutely diferent IMO.

Click: Live Wallpaper for DESKTOP: Downlooad

Then follow these instructions: [HowTO] Live Wallpaper on Zorin 16

Sorry forget about the last reply, i need to learn how to read better.

Also need to get to understand more about the command lines, i`m way to spoiled by the use of a mouse and keybord in Windows. :pensive:

ask away,but you can do:

man <command>

for full explanations
(press q to quit).

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Another one, features cool retro term and ofcause tilda with bpytop.

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