Zorin os goes into the "Advanced tab" when i boot my pc

So, when i boot my pc, it pops up the bios thing, and then it goes blackscreen then it basically goes to like, an option of "advanced" things, and if i select "Zorin OS" option, it just restarts and keeps going over and over again. Which to atleast turn on my pc, i gotta go onto the "Advanced boot options" i think, and then select an older version (i think its latest zorin os 5.5?) and then i can boot normally, but its just bothering me for days, and i didnt find anything to help me. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

Something about the new kernel must have a regression with your hardware.

From the recovery menu, select Advanced Options for Zorin then select your last working kernel.
Once booted to the desktop, follow these instructions here:

Once that is done, you will be able to boot normally into Zorin OS.

i think it worked, but i was reading the kernel boot topic thing, and u said that it needs to press "tab or esc" to enter the advanced options thing, and i wasnt doing anything at all and it was going into this advanced option tab.

Pressing tab or esc applies for those users that do not have their grub menu enabled at startup.

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