Zorin OS install "out of memory" error

Booting Zorin Core USB.
On my home build 16GB RAM I get "Out of memory" and hit any key. Then a bunch of lines of code ending with "[ end kernel panic - not syncing: UFS Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0".
There was more but didn't get it on camera.
Just read about disabling fast boot; I'll try that.
Nope didn't work.

Please ensure that in BIOS, Secure boot is not enabled. If dual booting alongside of Windows, you must first disable Windows Fast Boot (Or fast startup) in Control Panel > Power settings.
Fast boot locks the drive, preventing write access.

The memory issue likely stems from VRAM; What graphics are you using in this machine? Does the Motherboard include integrated Intel graphics?

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Not using MB Graphics. Nvidea with 2 GB Ram; forget actual card rating.

Does it have them, but you are not using them?
Or are you not using them because it does not have them?

Yes but I have them disabled. Choices are: Enabled, disabled and Auto.

Are you using a 4k Monitor?

@AllanP I don't want to disturb your diagnosis conversation with Aravision, except for one basic question.
Did you confirm the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded ZorinOS .iso?
See this: Before you install

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