Zorin OS installer won't recognize my SSD

Hey, I'm getting this error while trying to install Zorin OS for the first time.
I'm using a 2015 ASUS Laptop with an internal SSD (500GB) and Win10 on it.
Everything worked fine, but the Installer will only recognize my USB drive. Do I need to format the computer first, or can I just simply type some command in the terminal? :smiley:

By the way, "sudo lsblk" also won't show my SSD

! IMG20210913115622|666x500

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This is very weird, where did you get your ISO image, did you check with the checksums? What did you use to burn the image?

I just followed this tutorial, using balenaETCHER to Flash my USB drive and i've downloaded the Zorin Core OS off the official Website

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LMAO, video is unavailable. Checksums are there to check is the ISO is bad.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are you trying to wipe Windows and install Zorin only?
Or are you attempting a dual-boot setting?

how can i do that? Video is by ExplainingComputers btw

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I think he is at the installation page and Zorin USB didn't detect that he has drives connected.

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hey, I want to get rid off Win10, I just want Zorin OS core only :slight_smile:

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I already removed the USB drive to check if it would recognize my SSD that way

It looks like you installed Zorin to the USB stick instead of your SSD.

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The USB drive only has the ISO file on it. How could that happen, my USB drive only got 4 GB space?

I am saying that is what it looks like. Zorin OS occupies less than 4gigs.

So I got Zorin OS on my USB. I removed it and still end up with the same error, what can I do?

Well, let's backtrack a bit...

What make and model is the SSD?
Or is it nvme or emmc?

I have no clue. It's inside my Notebook so I can't identify it. I actually removed my HDD beforehand

What OS is currently running on the machine?

None. I pressed the power button 5 seconds and will try to install Zorin 16 again

@Aravisian I don't think is possible to install ZorinOs on the USB, he showed the installation page.

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I just managed to install Zorin OS due to installing my Hard Drive again. It worked fine, but I got an error saying
"ubi-partman failed with exit code 10"

How do I get rid of Windows 10 now?
I just shut my PC down, and after rebooting, Win10 just booted.

You need to set up an EFI partition. Otherwise, you won't be able to properly boot Zorin OS.
Here is a handy guide:

To get rid of Win10

  • Be sure you want to.
  • Open gparted and select the partition upon whcih Win10 resides.
  • Click the (-) delete button on the toolbar.
  • Right click the partition containing Zorin OS and select move. Use the slider to expand the Zorin OS partition into the freespace formerly occupied by Win10.
  • Click apply.
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