Zorin Os Lite in an old Macbook

Hello guys. I'm Brazilian, sorry for my languages errors, but I have an old Macbook (model a1212 - 2006) and I coudn't install the Zorin Os Lite. Just stay an black screen (figure) after the page: Try on Install Zorin. I try to install with pendrive and Cd, but I coudn't in each other. Someone help me?

Have your tried with the safe graphics?

Maybe could be work

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Yeah. I have tried but failure also

Mmm... Well

You can search on Google how to install gnu/Linux In a Mac

Or well try to download the iso again and later try to boot the iso in a USB

Maybe could be work

Some need to use rEFInd

Thanks, but I have tried installed many times

I used the reFind, but I had the same result: Black board after the page "try install zorin os Lite"

In that case you should looking for a technician help because I don't know why you can't install Zorin OS

I unknown the behavior of Mac
Maybe is a problem from de BIOS


Have you allowed that Zorin installs private drives?

Don't. How do this?

When you install zorin the installer asks if you want install private drives (that is recommend) and you should be connected to internet to install drives while the installer installs the system

Or maybe the problem is the USB

You should try with another USB

I think my Mac don't get to that part. Just keep in this page (attachment)

I tried with three usb and one Cd boot

Yesterday I had also installed Zorin on one of my low end pc. You have to just click enter and wait untill the process is done.

One more question. Which specific version are you trying to install? (i.e. Zorin 15.3 Lite, Zorin 16.1 Lite)

Zorin 16.1 lite.
I tried the Zorin 15.3 32 bit, but don't work also

mmm that's weird, but I can't say what is the problem

Maybe is the Mac, the only thing that I can say is you should visit a technician to try to resolve that strage issue

For how much time have you waited?

For two hours