Zorin OS on Termux

Do you know how to install Zorin OS on Termux?

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I use Termux on my Android Phone. I do not understand this question.
Termux is a Terminal Emulator for Android.


You recognized that perfectly. You may also know that some Linux operating systems can be run there. Maybe also Zorin OS ... All right?

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I figured it out myself and of course it works. Some operating systems can run natively on Termux and are reasonably fast. The GUI versions of the operating systems are not developed by the main developers of Termux. Zorin OS has not yet been integrated with PRoot. So i have emulated the smallest Zorin OS version on Termux: Zorin OS 6.1 lite.

Even if emulating operating systems on Termux has some advantages in contrast to Limbo, such as that you do not have to change the Limbo version depending on the operating system (stability) and Termux also boots operating systems in the background and with the screen switched off, it also has Disadvantages such as that the vm apparently cannot be paused. So you would have to repeat the very long booting process if you want to free up the RAM.

All in all, as expected, it is slow because the operating system is also emulated like in Limbo.

So it's not practical, but if you want to try it out, here's the guide:

  1. Download Zorin OS 6.1 lite.

  2. Install Termux from Github (Play Store version very out of date)
    Releases ยท termux/termux-app ยท GitHub

  3. Install VNC https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realvnc.viewer.android

  4. Open Termux

  5. pkg install qemu-system-x86_64

  6. termux-setup-storage

  7. (Grant authorization)

  8. qemu-system-x86_64 -m 900 -cdrom /sdcard/download/zorin-os-6.1-lite.iso -vnc

(With -m (x) you control the working memory. Don't use to much RAM, it exits faster in the background than Limbo in the foreground.)

  1. Open VNC

  2. Press + , enter, enter any name below, press create and press ok


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I did not, actually. Rather, I use it with a form of Debian I installed on an Android Device and I use it with Zorin OS Lite that I Installed on a Galaxy Phone (it is amusing, but not practical for use).
I did not know that a Linux OS can be installed within Termux... and will look into this.
Thanks for the write up - Would you mind if Duplicating (Copy / paste with a minor alteration somewhere) the solution post in this thread as a guide in the Tutorial Forum?

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Addendum: Operating systems are not integrated into PRoot, but only made compatible with it.

I won't post it as a tutorial because the solution isn't practical.

I am currently experimenting on a practical solution with Zorin OS on Android that runs without emulation and does (like in the previous solution) not need [ROOT]. If that works I'll post instructions.

The 3 months would have expired tomorrow and the posts would have been frozen. I wouldn't be able to update then, which is why I'm writing now.

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Is this a bump? I must have missed something.

@Aravisian . I think he is just trying to keep this thread from expiring after the 3 month rule.

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