Zorin OS Screenshot thread

Is that Dagoba? Where is Yoda? I seek great warrior, Jedi master, who likes to eat frozen hot dogs and play with little lights.

I think Aravisian would have a heart attack seeing your chaotically placed icons. But I like the wallpaper. No wonder you wear the mask, the air looks toxic.


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JeffK969, you are banned from ever posting a screenshot ever again.


LMAO, see, I told you. As soon as Aravisian saw that screenshot, he was gonna lose it. Let the record show, Jeff was warned. LMAO!

Oh man, I swear, we are freaking hilarious up in here. We should create our own Wanes World show, instead we call it, Zorins world lol.

LOL... But there is a reason behind the madness. I like to group 'same' type of packages together. And the ones I use less further from center.
Not all minds work the same. Not implying mine works well, or at all....

ST, next time warn me before I do something...lol


On a submarine, I will warn you not to open the toilet valve while they are flushing the black tanks. Trust me, you don't want to open the valve during that time period, or you will wish you hadn't! So there's your warning.

Now, aint this a screenshot thread? Anybody else have a screenshot to post? Alright, well let me go find something interesting. Oooooo, would you look at this? You know what this is? My latest wallpaper on my MSI machine!

Its just amazing what you can do with a little bit theming. :yum:

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I wonder if I lose points by admitting your system makes complete sense to me...
Probably because when I was on Windows and used the Desktop as a launchpad, I employed a very similar system. slightly less chaotic in placement but...
When I migrated to Linux, the natural organization of Linux affected my brain, apparently. I stopped using the desktop as a launchpad (which was pretty deeply ingrained at that point) and began following the File Tree of Linux and the Panel to organize and launch what I use the most.


Naaa. No points lost...lol But credit given for following my method, with understanding. I have found with using Plank, I don't use the icons on my desktop nearly as much. But I do find it quicker to use those icons, as opposed to using the menu to open packages. Plus, since it's my pc, as long as I'm comfortable with it....lol


This does not detract from my prerogative to make you miserable at every available opportunity.

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My new desktop, thought I give the lady a Zorin tattoo makeover.


Reminds me of Monkey Island.

And here is my Zorin OS screen...background changes every 5 minutes


Boy you have a lot of favorites on the taskbar

As a Mac OS User I'm used to.
And it's the fastest way to start the apps.


This taskbar under is originally with Zorin or you used some tilling?

@StarTreker Would like this...



I read about ZorinOS in an article and thought that this would be my chance to get rid of my comfort and become more independent. Three days ago I dared to take the first steps and have since spent many hours between euphoria and great despair. Let's see how long I can hold the line.

Here is my desktop so far. I like it tidy and simple.
(Blender has burned hotkeys into my DNA).

As a newbie I'm sure I'll ask typical beginner questions from time to time, please bear with me. Wish us all a good time together.

Kind regards



Using plank dock hidden to handle open apps & favorites.


Looks nice, reminds me of windows somehow :sweat_smile:

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