Zorin OS Update After Sept 6 '21 kernel 5.11.0-34 Black Screen

Well i dont have a problem with it, i used the nvidia driver from the nvidia site. I only had to reinstall the driver because i dont have dkms installed. So if the kernel upgrades it does not auto restore the driver :joy:

For those who are not in the know like me, I looked up what DKMS was in my Synaptic Package Manager. It stands for.....

Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework

And yes, it comes installed on my distribution as standard, for Zorin OS 16 PRO. :sunglasses:

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Hmmm i dont even know if it is installed or not. Only thing i remember from my linux mint days is that the nvidia installer asked about adding things in dkms, the new driver didnt ask about it so i assumed dkms is not installed. How can i check this ?

I recommend Synaptic.


I held these packages, then the next day; they were no longer held.
I re-applied the 'apt-mark hold' on them and it remained until today. It's gone again:

sudo apt-mark unhold linux-image-generic linux-headers-generic
linux-image-generic was already not hold.
linux-headers-generic was already not hold.

What gives? Why does apt keep removing the hold? It never once did that, ever on Zorin OS 15.
This is twice in a row.


At the moment, I just stop taking any updates.
I really cannot afford any time if anything goes wrong at the moment. I sometimes do the same for Windows update for this same reason.

I have had some updates go sideways on Zorin, but nothing major and the ZorinGroup always had it fixed very quickly.

Never once have I ever felt like I couldn't trust the updates on Zorin OS.

But in the above, it is not even the updates- rather, that the hold vanished itself twice. That really bothers me. More than I can express.

A user may, at any time, mark a package as held for Good Reason.


I just run this command to make it for sure that I will not get that problematic -34 kernel.

sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-generic linux-headers-generic
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That is what I ran. It vanished itself. In spite of running that command, and shcekcing it later (wit was still there) today - it is gone. I never ran the Unhold command. (Until today to test it.)

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The command that expires in one day.
We could set a Cron job to run this at 3AM everyday. :nerd_face:

Hearing about this bothers me too. When you put a hold on a package, it should be on hold until you release it. Also, shouldn't even need terminal to put holds on packages. The software and updates section should have checkboxes to do that sort of thing. Uggg :unamused:


Synaptic has it.

I cannot find any information that would account for apt-mark releasing a hold on its own, or for dpkg configure causing it, either...


Are you talking about this?

I might- hard to tell because I don't know what the Japanese parts say.

Basically they are arranged in the same order as in English.
[Package] [Installed version] [Latest version]

Ah, if you click Package on the menubar, then in the menu, move to Lock Version, that will place a hold on the package.

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Like this?

So it looks like that hold command did nothing :frowning:
The only way to hold the kernel is through Synaptic.

I wonder if it is safe for me to take that pending update.


OK update on machine with Zorin on it...

Currently installed kernels already on system and functioning perfectly on my machine...

Kernels not installed that I have put a lock on...

Thanks to Aravisian & FrenchPress for figuring this stuff out. I don't need no more kernel updates to this old machine, this machine is so old it could probably run on the version 3 kernel from years ago. Don't even need 5.11.34, but certainly aint gonna need no freaking 5.13!

[Progress report]

After locking the kernel packages, several strange things happened.

  1. Gdebi crashes immediately after clicking "install" button.
  2. Synaptic cannot be opened in Application menu. It had to be run from terminal.
  3. Updater still complains about some missing elements and suggests "partial upgrade". But when clicking "install" it immediately said "the system is up to date".
  4. I no longer can select Nouveau in Additional Driver.

Since I made a Clonezilla image just 2 days ago, I decided to venture out and take this -34 kernel. I unlock the packages and run

sudo apt dist-upgrade

It required a cold boot thereafter, but all went well.
Now I am using 470 NVidia driver with -34 kernel :slight_smile:

The output of uname -a:

5.11.0-34-generic #36~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 27 08:06:32 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Now this makes me wonder what that initial hiccup was all about :roll_eyes:

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