Zorin OS upgrading

I have a question about possible-missing firmware and i wonder how do i download the missing firmware another question how do i upgrade from Zorin 15.3 to Zorin 16 because i have a very old base and maybe i need to switch to Focal and how do i do that?

There will be 15,3 to 16 upgrade path which will be issued before the end of this year. (While many people on this forum advocate a clean install rather than upgrade).

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Like on Ubuntu do-release-upgrade?

I suspect something like that. But I've never done "in-place" upgrade myself. Other members on this forum might have a better idea.

This is supposed to be available some time after the official release of Zorin 16. Since this is their first attempt to provide upgrade capabilities you should back up your information before attempting. Zorin group is renowned for testing thoroughly before releasing to eliminate as many bugs as possible before the public has a chance to use their software, but that doesn't mean they will catch all of them and it is possible you may have issues.

Watch Twitter and this forum for updates of impending release announcements.

My question is when. I have too many apps installed to want to do a fresh install, many of them self-compiled, not from the repository so an in place upgrade is needed. I had hoped, when I heard about this back in August it would be available but half a year later I've heard nothing further. If I have to do a fresh install I'm going to ditch Zorin in favor of Ubuntu which does upgrade in place.

Should you make a backup of those applications and files you may be ok in restoring after a fresh install. The problem you will run into is whether the dependencies for those applications will be updated and whether newer versions of the applications are required for the newer version of the OS. Something you will face in either an in place upgrade or fresh install. Some applications may lose support in newer OSs because of dependent libraries that are merged, no longer used or updated beyond what the program supports. Just like you wouldn't use the bionic repos in Ubuntu 20/21, you won't use some of those older applications in the newer OS.

Before you do anything, you may want to research it the applications are indeed updated for the newer OSs, whether they have repos or deb packages and if they have issues with newer libraries they depend on. I understand your reluctance, my system takes some time to reinstall as well. Either way you will have to do a fresh install because you can not upgrade Zorin 15 to Ubuntu 21... they are completely different. Whichever way you go will require a fresh install.

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