Zorin OS won't boot into safe mode after installing

Ok so, I installed zorin OS with the option of safe graphics. It restarts, but then it boots in normal zorin (black screen) so I can't install graphic drivers for my AMD video card. I mash the esc button but it boots into a shell or kernel thing. I mash the shift button and it still boots into normal zorin instead of the boot menu. Help please

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Could please tell us how you wish to install Zorin? Dual boot or clean install?
Which Zorin OS? Core or lite or pro?
(Please adjust your profile to show your "Edition". saves us asking :smile: )
It seems your at the stage of trying or installing Zorin?
If so Select the top one " Try or Install Zorin OS "

Also tell us what your pc is & its spec's please.

This may also help.

I prefer Rufus.
Let us know .

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Zorin OS core

I just finished installing Zorin OS with sage graphics (Didn't have amd drivers). I restarted my pc, but after mashing esc it goes into a GRUB shell instead of the boot menu, where i should have been able to edit how zorin os launched so I could install the right drivers.

My specs are
ryzen 5600
32gb ram
desktop, 128gb storage

After getting some external help, I have found a solution.

Spam the esc button with 1 second intervals so you don't accidentally get the shell (stupid feature imo)

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Ok, let it startup to GRUB, ( No key mashing)
Can you select " Zorin "?
If yes, open to Zorin.
Once running then use " Software Updater " to help install needed item's ,
Once your Software Updater has loaded updates,
Click the setting button, & open Additional Drivers TAB.
You should see drivers listed, select your drivers needed then "Install". restart pc.

If you wish it to start in the windows boot menu , you need to change a few things?
try looking at this ,

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