Zorin Panel/Taskbar Missing after XRDP


I have recently started using Zorin OS as many people claimed it to be really good and figured I will migrate from Linuxmint to this one. So far, really impressed with how clear it is.

However, I always have two laptops, one for work and the other is personal. Since, I am using my work laptop all the time, I look to have an RDP session open to the other one so that I can work on both as needed. This was not too much trouble with Linuxmint but is proving a bit of a challenge in Zorin’s case.

That is not to say I did not make any progress, thanks to the following post:

I managed to reach a step where I can make use and navigate in the RDP session. Yet, I was expecting a full featured desktop the same way one would expect when directly working on the laptop. I do not have the same Zorin task bar (the bottom panel) and layout. The whole thing has turned upside down from the looks of it. Instead, I have a top panel that seems to be belonging to the traditional gnome.

Can someone guide me how to fix this? Happy to provide more information if needed.