Zorin pro being pirated

We have seen some serious issues with pirated pro versions. If they don't contain the Dell fix (although it effected others it was the first several complaints that the iso wouldn't boot), there were issues with changed configuration files causing errors we've never seen before in tandem with issues we have... and usually compiled upon themselves making installation a nightmare to troubleshoot. If you have a pirated copy, which you all but admitted, you should delete it and inform the moderators here or the Zorin's themselves, of the link. Download the free core and try it. It's the same, no lie, without installation support, bundled software and two desktop layouts. Trying pro to see if you like it makes you no different than others that believe they should have it regardless if they pay. There isn't any good reason to pirate software. They are all justifications to yourself why it's OK... and it's not.


Popsicle also works for me, and comes with POP OS, but I am sure it will also install for other Ubuntu based OS's.

I couldn't agree more, it absolutely makes no sense to pirate, especially when you can already get the CORE and Lite versions for free. But if someone really wants the extra apps, extra layouts, and especially if they want to support the devs, they can do so by buying PRO.


Actually, you are getting a lot of convenience. With Pro, you get layouts configured already and ready to use. You get all the apps without having to research or install - or figure out what type of installation you want - as well as having it meshed well so there are no conflicts.
I point this out for fairness. But I agree with your statement about it being laughable that others may pirate it; though you go on to say:

Very well said.

I am sorry for overlaying meaning onto your words. Yes, I worded that poorly.
When I try to keep posts short or am in a hurry - I may do that and it is wise to stay wary of it.

Your observation skills are worthwhile. Yes, privileged positions often lead to a disparity not only in crime, but in enforcement, punishment and in re-enforcing a bias that leads to justification for committing further crimes.

Allow me to take the above example and apply a distortion.
You see, in the sciences, I have learned that sometimes, to clear away a biased perspective, replacing a respected Item with an absurdity can make a profound impact on perceptions. For example, replace "Big Foot" with "Chocolate cheez-whiz snorting space dragon" and then repeat the arguments to see if it changes the impact.

You point out that software can be copied and therefor, this makes it less tangible a crime than stealing a car is.

Let's replace software with uhhh... Something I could take the initial version of and then make a copy of ... hmmm. How about a

You see, as a Classic Car Mechanic, I often confront restoration projects for which there are no modern parts available. Fenders. Body parts. Ball joints. Control arms. Even Engine parts.
If you have ever used a lathe- then you know it is the only machine that currently exists on Earth capable of making a complete Duplicate of itself. I got me some of those.
I make car parts when I need to - body parts when I need to - I am capable of taking a car and Replicating it. Right down to the Maker Emblem on the hood.

It's not as easy as making a copy of say - test answers.
Or maybe a song.
Or a book.
Or copies of Money (Called Counterfeit.)

Wrong - is still wrong. And while it is true that there is disparity in the world,
Here, we choose not to behave that way.
It is true that there is much wrong in the world, here we choose to Combat it. To try our very best To Do What Is Right. No matter how twisted others may be.

We stand without hate, or justification or excuses.
8:46, baby.


(Pardon for my cross-posting. But I'd like to spread the words to as many forum members as possible.)

I would like to invite all forum members to visit this excellent posting written by @Aravisian and endorse it with :heart: to show our support.

More hearts will make this statement more powerful.



This guy literally tells you to install a pirated copy and... He even installed a pirated copy on you tube.. I mean HTF dumb can you be?

Lawsuits here we come! I can also report him to the BSA...



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I am watching the video now. I love how the guy thinks he's old, cause he was in high school, when Windows10 came out. Its like, dude, you don't know what old is!

I've operated and used an Apple II computer, I've played an Atari Gaming system. I've used Windows since Windows 3.1 For Workgroups. Now that is what I call old.

I already don't like the guy and I am at the 2 minute mark in the video paused to type this message! I will continue watching, but I hope this freaking pirate gets a nice little cease and dissist message from the Zorin brothers!

And have it end with. And if you don't cease, we will sue you in court.

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Lol... Old is a DEC PDP 2 or graduated to the DEC PDP 11/94 in the late 80's.. I still have an original acoustic 300 baud Cheetah modem with the rainbow external RS232 ribbon cable! I'm that old.. from Vic 20 to the Amiga 1000 from IBM PC jr to todays latest AMD 5950x. AS/400 to Titanium to HP-UX I've done seen repaired em all. Dell HP Compaq IBM. Put in more data centers and SANs from EMC to HP 2000 to the old IBM Shark! Lol old... Stay frosty..


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Yep, I pride myself on the fact that I have had a chance in life to use old tech from the 80's. AGREED, stay frosty and alert, cause we can't afford to let one of those barftards in here. :grin:

WARNING: Bad Language disclaimer......


I feel like every time you post these type of things, I don't get them at all. :expressionless:

Thats because you were only born 14-years ago, and you've missed so much stuff, that your only just now, starting to learn about. The greater you braudan your horizons, the more you learn, the more you experience, and the wiser you get in time.



Watch the movie then... it was aliens with Sigourney Weaver. Great series.

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Yep, literally one of my most favorite movies of all time. I literally watch that movie every year, its like a ritual of mine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Those and avp. If you want the history you'll need to watch alien covenant and prometheous. Shows how the xenomorph evolved.

Lmao, when I read the comments! Clearly people don't like that ZorinOs has a paid version and would rather donate.

I commented, and only got one like. Others berated me saying that people who pay wouldn't know about piracy. I then provided feedback to Google asking why they condone piracy and whether the Supreme Court would reverse their favorable ruling regarding java if they knew that Google supported such acts. I recommended that all of that users channels should be banned. Which would really hurt his bottom dollar since he seemed to elicit compensation for his inaccurate pirated reviews.


Yes, the worst part of it is, he's the type of Youtuber that is big enough to earn monitization on his platform. So, basically he's earning money to promote piracy. And that is wrong in so many ways its not even funny.

The only thing that guy said that I considered funny, was when he felt he was old cause he was in high school when Windows10 came out. For me, that feels like yesterday, to him, it was like 20-years ago.

He's also earned the rank of dummy, because he's on the internet admitting to piracy. If the Zorin team should ever choose to sue his butt, they would have all the evidence they need to provide the prosecutor and judge of the guys actions.


He has a sigma grindset, I don't think he even cares.

That and Raising Arizona...

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I don't mind paying.. I would like the devs get paid for their hard work. It's when people blatantly steal all their efforts that makes me upset.

Stay frosty...


The guy clearly doesn't care, he probably pirates every software. In my opinion, there is no point, the guy does whatever he wants, and we can't stop him. I also highly doubt the Zorin Team will sue him.