Zorin pro being pirated


In my opinion, I also agree it should be an opt-in, at least ZorinTeam is honest about it. A lot of people in the FOSS community don't like even a bit of telemetry in a piece of software.

LOL - The only reason why the guy had felt the need to make a whole point of it, is cause he knows he's doing something illegal. Jokes on him, we all know about it, so it won't do him no good.


Good point. Yes its hard to find honest people any more now days. If people only knew the kind of telemetry that other OS that shall not be named has sent out. People would have a coronary.. I've seen data mining and social mining and regular gold mining and crypto mining but that other OS that shall not be named.. well... you would simply be amazed..



It is still better if it was an opt out, or maybe just not even have a census.

21:41 on the video ZorinOS 16 Pro Review - YouTube

Your doing your "trash wrong" WTH man what's with this guy? LOL!


LMAO! Ohhhhhh lord, what is that guy smoking? :rofl:


it's clearly a joke, it was how Windows done it.

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The census really is necessary in order for ZorinGroup to know how many people are actively using Zorin OS.
The Census does not collect any personal or identifying data - at all. In any way. It only pings that Zorin OS is being used. Nothing more.

You can opt out of the census - and I have not done so. It is harmless and helps ZorinGroup.

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Why, all the other distros don't even have anything like this?

Who says they don't? Zorin did not invent it.

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Most Linux Distros don't, a lot of people clearly don't like any kind of telemetry, and this setting has swayed a lot of users of ZorinOs. I don't think it's important to know how many is using your OS.

Well, i do the same in windows and linux :joy::joy::joy:. Somehow it feels wrong to put the trash anywhere else haha

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To an end-user, it is not important. To a developer, it is important.

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Please look up the app "Popularity Contest."

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I have read all the points on this thread "Zorin pro being pirated."
The only words i wish to add is, My A$approx. 52.00 dollars was my donation to zorin for their hard work, and for this, i downloaded zorin 16 pro.

Thank you for choosing Zorin OS 16 PRO, and for supporting the developers, you are awesome! Now all you gotta do, is go to your profile, and update it to reflect you have Zorin OS PRO. :+1:

YEP, LP-USB, I am going to graduated you to...


Put that in terminal, cool ha? :cool:

Miner variation of your username, = big results in terminal. How about that ha? 20% cooler. :sunglasses:

Let us know how you like Zorin OS 16 PRO with a new thread when you are ready in the Chat About Zorin category. :slightly_smiling_face:

I reading today little this long history with piracy.
The author example a book what wrote, writing and selling to people.
The same with software author with copyright can gived this for people for free or want a paying or some donations.
Everything still missing one important things.
Many distribution linux are free. Piracy Zorin 16 Pro for me is stealing product what engineering created - they sacrifice a real life time what can spend with family. Stealing is priority not respectfull and greedy. People who piracy that version for me are some like robots without soul.
The next problems is youtubers what searching a followers for some money. This all channels you can report because only ZorinGroup have copyright and all this channels from youtube must be out. Important for me this forum and people here support ZorinGroup. Share a knowledge and trying help with problems.
It always exist on this word good and bad people. The one wright solution is which side you want stayed. I will be happy if this project Zorin 16 Pro will refund with many buyers. We can talking about piracy but also we can share a wonderfull distribution Zorin 16 Pro. We can show a friends, many things working on it. Zorin 16 Pro for me is simple for older people who don't want a new PC learning difficult new operating system W11. This people are more busy in real life a computer. Bought product gived you warranty and support for next 5 years. Piracy copies could be modification to stealing your privacy or using for digging bitcoin.
Sorry for my bad english.

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It seems the Pro R1 got leaked as well and the hashes are matching :scream:. The site has been posted earlier by someone in this topic. Such a shame :pensive::angry:

Pirate version is a risky call. People need to understand that and stay away from those copies.

People should go with Zorin Core or lite if it is not affordable. I am using Core and this is good.


If the hashes are matching then what risks do pirates have ? They get the same iso as from the zorin website :roll_eyes:.