Zorin Pro & Core & Lite

When i start using Zorin Pro vs Core i can sayed Core is better on my old PC. No problem with newest kernel.

I hope XFCE will be the same installing newest stable kernel. Maybe this depends what processor i have?
Maybe for linux xeon is better for Linux.
CPU: Dual Core Intel Core i3-2120 (-MT MCP-)
speed/min/max: 1637/1600/3300 MHz Kernel: 5.15.6-051506-generic x86_64
Up: 13m Mem: 2094.7/15908.6 MiB (13.2%) Storage: 29.82 GiB (46.5% used)
Procs: 217 Shell: Bash inxi: 3.3.06

Please Gods can a speak.

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edited the title for clarification
mission completed

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Core and pro are the same, core cannot be better compared to pro.


Generally, if you have an old computer, it doesn't require a modern kernel, and I personally would be very hesitant in installing a modern kernel, on such an old machine. Doing so, might cause a black screen of death.

Thats not a good way to lose ones kernels!

Modern kernels are only really needed for modern hardware. And it looks something like this...


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This requires clarification too, cause I don't understand what this means.


Don't have any errors or black screen. Xeon processor are created for linux.
I reading newer kernel are more security from older.

On older pc core working better from pro.

You do know pro = core with only 4 extra layouts

Maybe without extra layouts working better. Maybe because they are diffrent configuration computers.

Cyber placebo effect on your computer :crazy_face:


I agree! Its placebo, and working on Bourne LMAO! :joy:

I think PRO is better then CORE, cause it comes with the extra APPS and Layouts. Although, I think it should come with more APPS then it does, its missing a lot of power user APPS. But, its still better, and it supports the dev's, I always approve of supporting the dev's.

8-layouts, so many layouts, it buries you in choices, which one should I pick? Does this layout make my butt look big? Inquiring minds want to know. HAHA! :joy:

I tell you one thing, I have a lot of love for Zorin OS :heart_eyes_cat:

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Some interesting excerpts:

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“In whatever field you’re in, you have to be creative. Those with qualifications who think they will just come to work will be left behind.”


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I know why you could thinking it is placebo. Old have ssd and pro have hdd that makes sense and diffrence with fast.

Then it is not a real comparison.
You cannot change more than one parameter in the experiment.

If you want to compare the speed, it must be done on the exactly the same hardware.

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Yes if i put ssd in newer pc and hdd on old pc then the sides is change with comparison on newer machine pro working better.
If we staying with Zorin Linux if build with components what is better to compatibility nvidia or amd processor and gpu? I know some people building pc for mac and the components must be a compatibility. Linux could go the same way. Without no suprises and working out from the box?

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I built my current desktop to run macOS (Hackintosh). I also bought 2 used HP laptops to run Hackintosh.
Interestingly all of them were 100% Linux compatible when I came back to Linux.