Zorin Pro discount for stundents

Hi. I have been using Zorin 17 Core with pleasure for a couple of months now. I would like to buy the Pro version, but I live in a third world country and am also a student. So the price is definitely unattainable =(

I would love to support the development of Zorin with money, but I can afford a smaller amount.

Hi there! Welcome to our community! Glad to hear you have pleasure of using Zorin OS.

I don't know the meaning of "third world country", so I assume they are economically weaker nations, and believe me, so is mine.
Now, you could possibly obtain a discount it you have purchased a version of Zorin OS Pro prior. The price of it in my country is $48 is 176.30 AED, compared to $99 or 363.61 AED on WIndows 11 Pro.

If you haven't, I am sorry. You can still support Zorin by donating. Even a small donation makes a difference. To donate, click the link down below. Thanks for inquiring:

That's sad.
Ok, will donate and download pirated version of Zorin Pro

Thanks for donating, but I don't think you should pirate the OS, please read this:

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One of the main purposes of a Pro version is to help fund the project. All of the software it comes with by default is for free to download from their respective project websites. You don't actually lose anything by sticking to the other versions, other than the time it takes to research and configure your system in the same way.


Every pirated version I've ever seen (as an Administrator of the Telegram and Matrix groups) has been modified, possibly including malware. Do not download pirated versions of Zorin. They have been found to be untrustworthy in the past and you do not gain anything that you could not replicate in Core or Lite.


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