Zorin problems

I was reflecting on a few points.
It all started when I saw the results of some surveys in which Zorin Os did not come back, in a significant way, in terms of user preferences, in relation to previous years.
This led me to write down the following points, which could explain, at least in part, this situation:

  1. The delay in releasing a new version. When Zorin Os 17 is released, it will be a few months before the release of a new version of Ubuntu, so it will be quickly delayed.
    It has been claimed that this is due to the small number of people working on the project. This could be improved by generating channels that promote the participation of members of the community (so far the only time I saw something similar was when they asked for support to translate Zorin 16).
  2. Differentiation. Zorin promises to be very similar to Windows to ease the transition for newcomers. However, it seems that this is not enough because there are other distributions that promise the same. Something else is needed to distinguish it.
  3. The existence of Zorin Os Pro is a good idea, but it should go beyond incorporating more pre-installed software or offering new desktop skins. It is necessary the existence of new applications that make the difference in relation to the competition.
    And you, what do you think?

You mean the Zorin must be more rich updated, because the another distributions working better out from the box?
More preinstalled application or software. People can decide what they want and can found in Zorin Store.
I don't know what will be next version.
Then I cannot sayed what will be pros or cons.
Stable and fast is most important also security updated.

One thing I have learned is that you really have got to accept Zorin for what it is. It is the most streamlined distro out of the box imo. Only thing truly close is Mint (but it is ugly compared to Zorin and I do not support their anti snap stance.)

Zorin has tremendous access to software, extremely stable, and caters to the needs of new users.

To answer your points more specifically.

  1. The primary reason for this is stability. They are in no rush to update to the latest LTS to ensure all of the bugs are fixed and do not effect Zorin users. I struggled with this myself which you will see if you look through my post history. But the fact of the matter is it does not really matter. Zorin is more stable than say Ubuntu with Dash to Panel.

  2. No distro is even close to Zorin in this regard imo. The others are cheap skins that falls apart other than like Mint but it does not look very good compared to Zorin. (Nobara is another potentially good one depending on what the user wants)

  3. The primary point of Zorin Pro is to fund the project. it is not really meant to be a big focus.

I am a long time experienced Linux user and I just love how Zorin virtually never gives any inconvenience or headache to allow me to focus on what I am doing.


One what i liked here is very good support.
Very responsible and fast.
Propably when will be new version Zorin 17 will be back on top 10 linux distributions like always.
I know also when comes new version Zorin many youtubers talking about good stable and fast distribution. I remember when it was on kernel 5.18
Linux is good but after using some time is boring like every operating system.
Real life is more excited or some hobbies.


I agree with some points, for example it would be nice to have more active feedback from the developers to know how are things progressing on upcoming versions.

But I agree with @rolltide101x in other points. After touring other distributions it quickly becomes clear that ZorinOS already has a signature look and feel. It also delivers on the promise to provide a comfortable "Windows-y" experience that's reliable and functional.

As for a more "closed garden" model for the Pro version... I don't like it. It's just not aligned with the idea of open source. ZorinOS is already looking for other streams of revenue with products like Zorin Grid, but even this should remain open source. The current model of "pay if you like it and want to support the project" is quite good. Perhaps a "pay what you want" alternative may help increase the overall purchases.

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I definitely agree with this. More status updates would be nice.

I do to a degree think people have to accept that the more “capitalistic” approach that Zorin takes is the exact reason it is as good as it is.

Hopefully Zorin Grid is successful and they can bring on another employee or two.

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My intention was not to cause controversy, quite the contrary.
First of all, I reiterate that I love Zorin, I have been using it since version 15 (Ultimate version, now 16 pro as a way to support the project).
What happens is that I would like it to be increasing its popularity, and that's why I issued these reflections.
I have been watching the evolution of Linux Mint, from its beginnings until now, and, it seems to me, that it could be a reference.
There is no denying that Linux Mint occupies the first places in Distrowatch, and it is always the most mentioned for Windows newcomers.


I am definitely not upset with anyone. Just stating my opinions lol.

I do like Linux Mint and understand it’s popularity. But Zorin is significantly better (in my opinion). I don’t think much the Zorin Group can do is going to change the status quo as far as popularity goes.


My take on hiring employees or asking for help from members of this forum .... in either case you have to check their work which takes away from you doing the development of your OS ..... kinda like hiring a housekeeper and then having to either redo their work or do it yourself to begin with ..... after all they are responsible for the outcome of the final product ......

The brothers have been working for many years together and work at their own pace which brings us to the topic of notification of progress of various projects ..... every time they take time to explain what they are doing or going to do takes time away from their projects ..... if you are going to say then hire some more help see my first paragraph ....

If they try explaining what the are doing or trying to do you are going to get 10,000 different "whys and I wouldn't do that" replies which again takes up more of their time instead of developing ....

Giving a deadline ..... not a good idea unless you can chisel it in stone ...... deadlines change due to unfortunate circumstances so now you have to explain what happened and when the next big unavailing will take place ..... remember the Zorin 16 lite roll-out .... the board was constantly bombarded with the "when is the new OS coming out" .... "you promised we would have it on such and such date and we don't have it yet" ..... we heard about that for weeks until it finally came out .....

I will be just as happy as the next person to see the new OS when it gets here but I'm willing to wait to make sure that it is tried and true unlike some other OS's that just flip them out like pancakes just to get out their new product ....

Alexandros .... this is not aimed directly at you as there are a lot of people that feel or express themselves as you did ..... and is only the way I feel about some of the questions that have been raised on this board quite frequently ..... please do not take offence ....


The ZorinGroup has indeed hired on additional help in the form of outside contractors from time to time. And they have accepted open source help from known and respected contributors, which is evidenced in their repositories.

If the ZorinGroup fears that too many delays will inhibit a timely release - they have and they will hire on help.

Yes... I think simply hearing from the ZorinGroup from time to time is really what users want.
It is not that the users want to be friends with the ZorinGroup.
It is not that they wish to chat, berate or get Updates - It is that they want reassurance that someone is in the office.

The ZorinGroup does not need to make deadlines or explain processes - they only need to make it known that they are there. That is the thing we really want. We are not Fans of Zorin. We are fans of Zorin OS.
Most often, they do this by actions more than words. How often is it that we plainly see our feedback implemented?
Zorin OS 16 shows a large number of them.


Linux Mint is a great distribution for new comers and experienced to Linux alike, and has definitely earned its reputation. Personally, I'm still paying attention to their Debian Edition and I hope ZorinOS takes note from that and also, eventually, moves to a Debian base.

But I don't think there's any real need to make ZorinOS more popular. Not that it wouldn't be a good thing, just not at the cost of what already makes it great to begin with.

Something like that, just a simple and quick update would be great. Ideally, a blog post update since that also makes it more visible to others in the tech world (and we all know how tech news sites love to talk about distro updates).

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THIS is EXACTLY how I feel.

It would be more work to make Debian into what they want than Ubuntu.

I for one would leave Zorin if they made this switch. Debian's professional software catalog is significantly behind Ubuntu.

Doesn't this depend on the version of Debian used as the base? I know that Ubuntu uses Debian testing, which does have more software than the stable version.

Ubuntu does not just take directly from Debian Testing and call it a day. They do a lot of their own work on top of it.

But I personally use a couple of softwares that only officially makes a Ubuntu version. They can be installed on Debian and do mostly work but they get issues that do not exist in Ubuntu.

The problem is there is virtually nothing that exists in Debian but not Ubuntu but there is some (especially on the more professional level) that exists on Ubuntu but not Debian.

I am a HUGE believer in using something as developers intend to get the best experience. Even if I can make something work it will never be as seamless as it would be if I did what the developers intended in the first place

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Well, in that case I'm even more interested now to see how the Linux Mint Debian Edition plays out in the long run. Maybe there is a lesson or two to learn form their experience.

I definitely wouldn’t have an issue with a Zorin Debian edition of the developers could handle working on both and it would expand the footprint of Zorin.

Honestly if Zorin did switch I would probably try to use the softwares in Distrobox. I REALLY don’t want to switch lol.

That's one of the concerns people had with LMDE, that the project would be duplicating efforts for no good reason. And I hope they manage to deliver the same experience using Debian and have it become the main and only Linux Mint there is, but only if it works. And the same is true for Zorin, there really is no need or reason to change so this is just wishful thinking on my part.

Out of curiosity why would you want them to change it?

This is also just my opinion so don’t take offense but personally I don’t think it is possible to make Zorin as good from Debian as it is being based on Ubuntu. Canonical does quite a bit of work and is significantly more polished as a result.

Anybody else reading this I would be curious to what you would think about this as well. Don’t worry so much about the “is feasible aspect” but more so “in a perfect world” what would you like to see?

At the end of the day I prefer a fully working system than a half-baked solution just to stand on principle, but I find the philosophy and direction of the Debian project to be much more interesting for the Linux and open sources communities.

We had a nice discussion about this topic with some very good points made: