Zorin stuck in login loop

so i was trying to login today to do stuff on my laptop and i put my password and then i get put back to the login screen
i tried googling the problem and tried the solutions given but nothing worked so i thought might post it here
im using the latest zorin core

Gday @beer , Welcome to the community!

Try here

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tried that one already,
didnt work

There is more than one solution given in that thread. Have you tried deleting Xauthority file solution?

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sorry for late response i was chugging beer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
ive tried every solution given on the guide and any other guide i could find
the xauthority file doesnt exist on my pc

If it's included with Zorin (I'm not in a position to look until tomorrow) it is a hidden system file. To show these on the terminal, type: ls -la. The l flag indicates long format, which may be helpful. a indicates all, including system files.

It should be in the root of your home directory (ex. ~/.Xauthority)

Ubuntu, in which Zorin is based, has moved away from that and now place them in /var/run/gdm/auth-for-<USER>-<RANDOM_CHARACTERS>/database. I don't know what would happen if you deleted the auth-for-* files.

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i dont get what you're saying, @337harvey

A recommendation was to remove the xauthority files. You said you couldn't find them. That is because it is a system file or it doesn't exist per my comment above. I share how you can determine if they are in use using the terminal, and if not, where the corresponding files can be located.

You can also tap ctrl+h to reveal the hidden (with a . in front of file name) files in your home directory.

ok, will try this
thanks for the suggestion!

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