Zorin stuck while installing it

Nothing happening? Should i wait?

now this occurred

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Before volunteers can offer you a help, please let us know which version of Zorin you are trying to install.

It's zorin os lite 15.3 ig Not sure

I read the error messages.
You are trying to dual-boot with Windows but the Windows is in hibernation mode.
You must shut down Windows completely before installing another OS on the same disc.

I see, idk what zorin did automatically but now I'm in zorin os trial something

This appears now

Are you attempting dual-boot?
Or do you want to replace Windows with Zorin?

It is now running a Live session from USB key.

I'm doing dual boot I have created a separate partition for that

I suggest you to boot into Windows and shut it down completely.
Hibernation mode is dangerous.


How can I shut it completely? I had shut it down before doing this
Is there a way to disable hibernation mode?
now I boot into windows and now it's updating lmao time waste

Yes there is! Windows10 is one of the most deceiving operating systems in the world. You think its shutdown, but its actually not. Easier to spy on you it is.

Boot into Windows 10, once in the OS. Do the steps to shutdown. Except! This time.....................

HOLD DOWN the SHIFT key on your keyboard while you click on the shutdown button. KEEP holding down the shift key, until the computer goes completely off.


Thats one of the many reasons why we fricking hate Windows10, all that forced updating BS that they do on you, its enough to drive one completely mad!

I just realized I forgot, make sure to disable SECURE BOOT in Windows10 OS as well. Don't ask me how to do that, I don't know modern Windows anymore, you can Google that.


I hope you would be active later cause this updating would take time i guess. I'm not quite sure what to do and if everything works fine. Hope you would help!
I already disabled secure and fast boot.

Stuck again riP
Should i try continue it wont Create any problem right?

For lack of better advice, go ahead and click continue. Lets pray this works. If not, you will need greater level support from Aravisian.

It's loading for so long, looks likes it's not gonna work can you ping them someone who can look in these issue.

It looks to me there is something wrong for the partition you are trying to install Zorin.
Could you tell me how you created this partition for Zorin?

It is generally recommended to use Gparted from Live session to create a new partition.

check this from 4:21, I exactly did what he did in that video

Is there a way to restart this should I shut down?