Zorin Stucks on Restart, shutdown and Suspend

Everything was okay, but after some rip update it's very difficult to use zorin os Core without getting irritated to the point I shifted to windows.

Everytime I shut down Zorin Os. It stucks on black screen and doesn't turn off the device until power drains completely.

Similarly with restart, it doesn't restart but does the same when I click it stucks on black screen.

Same with suspend, after coming back and reusing the laptop thinking it would happen but nope it won't. A black screen stays forever where nothing works.

Please try booting from an earlier kernel like 5.11.0-44 and see of resume from suspend then works. If it does, the 5.11.0-46 kernel that came through a recent update may have regression.

Did you disable power saving in the gpu settings ? What gpu do you have @Praveen ?

I don't have a external gpu, it's integrated radeon gpu and I don't remember anything about disabling gpu and where that option even is.